10 Cool Thanksgiving Flyer and Poster Designs

Thanksgiving is one of the most colorful holidays; the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows contrast well with the brown earth tones of autumn. Add in the colors of traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and rainbow-fruited cornucopias, and you have a recipe for striking design. Posters and flyers present excellent opportunities for Thanksgiving designs. They can be used to market Thanksgiving sales and events, and strategically placed in high-traffic areas as well as those a given target audience is known to frequent. That makes Thanksgiving flyers and posters among the best marketing tools in your holiday arsenal. For your inspiration, here are 10 cool Thanksgiving flyer and poster designs.

1.  Wishbone Chicago Thanksgiving Poster

I love the simplicity of this two-toned design; you don’t need a cornucopia of colors to make an impression!



2.  Thanksgiving Lunch Flyer by Lamar Flowers Graphic Design

The “Let’s Eat Retreat?” I’m game!

Thanksgiving Poster - Lamar Flowers design - Google Chrome_2013-11-07_11-28-13-Optimized


3.  Thanksgiving Live Broadcast Poster

I like the old-school feel of this poster, perfect for a bluesy event.

Thanksgiving Live Broadcast Poster  KNON Radio - Google Chrome_2013-11-07_11-29-03-Optimized


4.  Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Flyer

A modern flyer design with attention-getting typography, an elegant illustration and rounded corners.



5.  Boys and Girls Clubs Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer

You can’t help but read this nonprofit’s flyer after seeing the image of an empty table.

Thanksgiving Flyer.jpg (1600×1067) - Google Chrome_2013-11-07_11-31-05-Optimized


6.  Harry’s Bar Thanksgiving Flyer by Jessica Chan Studios

I love the color palette and grungy feel of this flyer, which features bold typography and texture.



7.  Thanksgiving Wanted Poster Invitation by Printables by Kate

Clever posters always win, especially when they’re so well-designed.

.........Visiting Teaching surprise! Thanksgiving Wanted Poster invitation - Go_2013-11-07_11-33-02-Optimized


8.  San Fernando Valley Holiness Church Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Flyer

I like simplicity and minimalism; the large font and hand-sketched illustration make this flyer stand out.

thanksgiving-dinner-poster.jpg (1623×1050) - Google Chrome_2013-11-07_11-34-03-Optimized


9.  Daytona Rock Scene “Hair of the Beast” Thanksgiving Party Poster

Some turkeys are tasty. Others, you simply do not mess with.

Thanksgiving_Flyer_1.jpg (550×850) - Google Chrome_2013-11-07_11-35-23-Optimized


10.  Thanksgiving Club Tour Poster

Do you think the turkey is bopping to the beat?

GOBBLE GOBBLE!! Thanksgiving Club Tour with DJ Whoo Kid Hitting Allentown, Pitts_2013-11-07_11-36-30-Optimized

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