10 Killer Free Fonts for Halloween

Scare up some Halloween fun with these 10 killer free fonts for Halloween design!

1. Zombie Holocaust by Sinister Fonts

Zombies are all the rage, so be sure to have your Zombie Holocaust font on hand – and be prepared for cardio!


2. Skullphabet by Skull-A-Day

This easily-read but creepy font would look awesome on a Halloween sales poster, flyer or large-format vinyl banner.


3. Misfits by Ravenous Media

This font is creepy, kooky and altogether ooky.


4. Sketch Bones by Character

The A bone’s connected to the B bone, and the C bone’s connected to the D bone…


5. Gorefont by GraveTech

Decidedly retro, with just enough dripping blood to be creepy.  Use it to make your own B-movie horror poster!


6. Punkinhead by S. John Ross

Halloween and graphic design were made for each other, and this dingbat has plenty of fun pumpkin faces to play with.  Whether you want silly or scary, it’s all here.


7. Horror Dingbats

When silly jack o’lanterns aren’t scary enough, it’s time to break out the true horror.


8. Dancing Vampyrish

This one has a classic, gothic, architectural feel to it.  I think it was used on Dracula’s welcome mat.


9. Friday 13th by Norfolk Incredible Font Design

Does this one give you the heebie jeebies? I can just hear that music right now.


10. Spooky Magic by Gaut Fonts

Not so spooky, really, but it’s the perfect fun Halloween font for a Halloween party invitation!



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