10 New and Cool Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are often the quickest paths from raw images to professionally finished photos. Good Photoshop actions can make even an amateur photographer look like a pro with the click of the mouse. That’s why the photography and graphic design community is so fortunate that so many professionals are willing to share stylish Photoshop actions. Each of the following 10 new and cool free Photoshop actions will help you finish your perfect shots with the perfect effects so you can capture the right mood or theme for your project.

1.  Foggy Photoshop action by Origami

Add a cool effect reminiscent of fog to give your photos a melancholy appearance with this free Photoshop action.

Free Photoshop Action 2 - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_09-57-47-Optimized


2.  Free Instagram Photoshop actions by Ace Photoshop Actions

Download this set of free Photoshop actions to mimic the effects of Instagram.

Free Instagram Photoshop Actions  Ace Photoshop Actions - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_10-08-17-Optimized


3.  Free opacity/levels Photoshop action by Anna Gay Photography

This action allows you to add drama to your photos by playing with opacity and levels.

Free Photoshop Action  Anna Gay - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_10-09-44-Optimized


4.  Free pinhole effect Photoshop action by Peter From

The classic pinhole photo effect can be easily achieved by installing this free Photoshop action.

FREE Photoshop Action The Pinhole Effect ‹ PixativityPixativity - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_10-11-19-Optimized


5.  Ultimate web enhancer and resizer action by Colorvale

This free Photoshop action was specifically designed to resize your images and enhance them for Facebook.

Colorvale™ Ultimate Web Enhancer & Resize Action  Photoshop Actions For Photogr_2014-01-14_10-13-15-Optimized


6.  Veronica Photoshop action by PSActions.net

This free Photoshop action mimics the appearance of film overexposure.

''Veronica'' Free Photoshop Action on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_10-15-52-Optimized


7.  Super Blue by Krissey

This stylish free Photoshop action adds a blue hue to your photos.

PlanetK SuperBlue Photoshop Curve by Krissey on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_10-17-40-Optimized


8.  Photographer Photoshop action by Photoshop Land

This robust free Photoshop action is the perfect photographer’s companion because it automatically corrects lens view, brightness and contrast.

PhotoshopLand.com  Photoshop Actions  The Photographer Photoshop Action - Goog_2014-01-14_10-19-14-Optimized


9.  Free long shadow Photoshop action by Aram Mirzoyants

Create icons, logos and symbols featuring the contemporary long shadow effect with this free Photoshop action.

Extremely Useful Best Free Photoshop Actions For 2014 - Google Chrome_2014-01-14_10-46-48-Optimized


10.  Kubota Dashboard 4 Pro

The Kubota Dashboard is a new Photoshop window that gives you access to Kubota’s actions and other elements. You can download the dashboard for free and enjoy 48 free Photoshop actions. The dashboard and initial actions are free forever, and Kubota sells more actions in its store.

Free Kubota DASHBOARD 4 Pro for Photoshop Actions, Borders, Textures, and Album _2014-01-14_10-48-54-Optimized


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