10 Package Design Tutorials

Package design is a unique discipline because it has to be functional; whereas a poster simply needs to be hung on a wall, a milk carton must be able to hold milk without leaking. This can be present unique challenges for package designers who are tasked with crafting innovative and attention-getting designs and package shapes that emphasize both form and function.  The following 10 package design tutorials will help you create compelling package designs that perform admirably, in terms of both form and function.

1.  How To Resize Packaging

Many products come in different sizes, which necessitates different-sized packages.  This tutorial teaches you how to design with that truth in mind, making it easy to resize your package designs to accommodate a variety of product sizes and volumes.

Graphic Design Packaging Tutorial - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-53-29


2.  Product Packaging That Sells

This excellent tutorial by Clay Towne shows you how to create packaging that sells, based on the principle that every design element must support the brand story.

Package Design Tutorial - How to Create Product Packaging That Sells  Beats Dig_2013-01-17_10-55-41


3.  3-D Product Package Design with Illustrator

This video tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a product package design with a logo and a reflection using Adobe Illustrator.

3D Product Package Design Tutorial with Reflection in Adobe Illustrator - YouTub_2013-01-17_10-57-05


4.  5 Tips for Creating Successful Package Designs

Adam Law reveals five tips for successful package designs that help product inventory move fast.

5 Tips for Creating Successful Packaging Design.  GoMediaZine - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-58-29


5.  Milk Carton Package Design Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial for designing milk cartons that hold water… or milk, as it were.

How to Design the Print on a Milk Carton in Photoshop  Instatuts.com - Google C_2013-01-17_10-59-46


6.  Chocolate Truffles Packaging Tutorial with Illustrator

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator’s tools to create a compelling package for chocolate truffles in this tutorial.

Illustrator Tutorial Chocolate Packaging Box January 2013  - Illustrator Tutor_2013-01-17_11-00-54


7.  Product Wordmark and Package Design

Combine the powers of Photoshop and Illustrator to create a winning and highly marketable package design.

Package Design Tutorial by Lugosiart « george leon  graphic designer - Google C_2013-01-17_11-02-43


8.  Photoshop Package Design Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to use Photoshop to create a creative package design that’s sure to turn heads.

Photoshop Digital Art Packaging Design Step by Step Tutorial Tutorial - Google C_2013-01-17_11-03-08


9.  Factors In Package Design Decisions

How do you determine which direction to take a package design in?  This post serves as a cheat sheet for making the best package design decisions, including the cost factor – even the best designs are worthless if they cost too much to produce.

Factors in Packaging Decisions - KnowThis.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_11-04-10


10.  Breaking Out of the Box

This is the only resource on my list that costs money, but it is invaluable. Breaking Out of the Box is a presentation by David Turner and Vince Voron given at the 2011 Dieline Forum in San Francisco, and it covers the principles of iconic package design from Levi’s, Apple and Coca-Cola.  The lessons learned in this $19.99 kit are priceless.

Breaking Out of the Box Analyzing Iconic Package Design  My Design Shop - Goog_2013-01-17_11-05-41


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