10 Places You Should Share Your Print Designs

Posting your print designs to online design showcase and portfolio website’s isn’t just about bragging rights; it’s also a great way to land new clients who admire your work. Moreover, if you have a streak of altruism (as many graphic designers do), then you can rest assured others will find inspiration in your style and technique, thus your work will serve as a catalyst for the creation of more fantastic designs. There are many good reasons to share your print designs, and few – if any – not to. Here are 10 places you should share your print designs.

1.  Coroflot

One of the most respected designer portfolio sites on the web, Coroflot gets a ton of exposure – which means it can help you get a ton of exposure as well. The only potential drawback is the massive number of portfolios listed here, which could make it more difficult to get noticed.

Coroflot — Design Jobs & Portfolios - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-14-39-Optimized


2.  Behance

Part of the Adobe network, Behance is one of the best places to showcase your print design work because it has excellent search engine rankings.

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3.  Deviant Art

Deviant Art features some of the most creative artwork on the web and hosts a vibrant and active community.

deviantART where ART meets application! - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-14-57-Optimized


4.  LinkedIn

Post your design work here to get noticed by business professionals – the people who actually do the hiring.

World's Largest Professional Network  LinkedIn - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-15-20-Optimized


5.  Facebook

Nothing beats Facebook for social sharing, and the third-party validation can lead to many new clients.

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6.  Twitter

Tweet about your design work; the more followers you have, the more effective your Twitter posts will be.

Twitter - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-16-12-Optimized


7.  Shown’D

This site requires an investment (though it does have a free trial), but many designers have found that investment to be well worth its robust portfolio features.

Graphic Design Portfolios  Graphic Designer Website  Graphic Art  Design Jobs_2013-12-16_13-15-12-Optimized


8.  Flickr

Still a favorite and free way to show off your best design work.

Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-15-07-Optimized


9.  Cargo

Simple, clean and well-structured, Cargo is among the best designer portfolio websites.

Cargo - Gallery - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-14-53-Optimized


10.  Carbonmade

With nearly three-quarter-million portfolios, designers have spoken: this is one of the best portfolio sites to showcase your print design work to!

Carbonmade - Your online portfolio. - Google Chrome_2013-12-16_13-14-47-Optimized

What’s your favorite place to post your print designs?

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