10 Product Design Tutorials

As a graphic designer, you’re probably designed countless brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, greeting cards or websites, depending on your area of specialty.  But have you ever tried your hand at product design?  Product design, or industrial design, can be achieved using many different types of software, both 2-D and 3-D, and can even result from a single hand-drawn sketch.  If you have an amazing product idea, you can get the ball rolling with the following 10 product design tutorials.

1.  Basic Guidelines to Product Sketching

This tutorial gives you everything you need to get started with product sketching, including materials and helpful hints such as exaggerating details to highlight product features.

Basic Guidelines to Product Sketching - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-26-52


2.  Illumination Tutorial for Industrial/Product/Furniture Design

This tutorial details how you can put your finished product concepts in the right light by simulating illumination techniques employed by photo studios.

CGArena  Illumination Tutorial for Industrial Product Furniture Design - Goog_2013-01-17_10-29-04


3.  Footwear Rendering in Photoshop

Bring a shoe design concept to life using Photoshop and this tutorial, which takes about four hours to complete.

FOOTWEAR RENDER - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-31-11


4.  Sprayer Sketch

This isn’t a tutorial per se, but it offers a glimpse into a product designer’s world by showing you the step-by-step process used to sketch a sprayer, hair dryer or laser gun.

Sketch-A-Day 382 - YouTube - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-32-15


5.  iPod Design Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates techniques to add realism to product designs by creating an iPod graphic that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Create A Realistic Video iPod Nano In Photoshop - SloDive - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-34-23


6.  Design A Concept Car

This two-part video tutorial series shows you how to bring a concept car idea to full product spec.

Building a Concept Car  Industrial Design Sketching and Drawing Tutorials - Goo_2013-01-17_10-35-49


7.  Garden Spade Sketch

This is another Sketch-A-Day tutorial, this time demonstrating how to sketch a garden spade.  Notice the attention to detail devoted to the sketch.

Sketch-A-Day 375 Garden Spade - YouTube - Google Chrome_2013-01-17_10-36-50


8.  Marker Sketch Bag

Learn how to use markers to sketch a realistic sports bag design in just four steps with this detailed tutorial.

4 Step Marker Sketch of a Bag  Industrial Design Sketching and Drawing Tutorial_2013-01-17_10-38-09


9.  MacFarlane Toys Design

This video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how MacFarlane Toys creates realistic baseball figurines with detailed design.  You can employ what you learn for your own product designs.

McFarlane Toys Design Studios realistic baseball figurines - YouTube - Google Ch_2013-01-17_10-39-27


10.  Product Design with Copics

Spencer Nugent shows you how to draft product concept designs using Copic Multilinear SPs, sketch marketers and an airbrush.

Guest Tutorial Product Design by Spencer Nugent  COPICMARKER.COM - Google Chro_2013-01-17_10-41-31


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