10 Reasons To Love Working In The Creatives

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a writer, a web developer, an editor or an artist, we can all be lumped into one basic category: creatives. I love being a creative, and since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought it would be prudent to count the ways I love being a creative. I think you’ll agree.

1. Freedom of expression

First and foremost, the freedom to express yourself in ways others can’t or won’t tops my list. Assembly line workers, no matter their passions, create the same thing day in and day out. We create something new every day.

2. Professional value

The person who approves your paycheck values your work, and the more you do the more value you earn.

3. Personal value

One of the greatest perks of the creative field is that others admire and appreciate not only your work, but you as a person. You have the ability to build mutually rewarding relationships with your clients and co-workers.

4. Flexible schedules

Perhaps not every creative has this, but I think that most have enjoyed at least some modicum of flexibility in their work schedules.

5. Envy

Since our non-creative friends think we do nothing all day long and get paid for it.

6. New knowledge

Whenever I’m faced with a new topic or stuck for inspiration, it’s time to conduct research – and I get to learn something new. Every new thing learned can spawn dozens or even hundreds of ideas. Oh, thank you, almighty Wikipedia.

7. Career satisfaction

When you love what you do, well, you love who you are.

8. Competition

When you work in the creatives you often form tight-knit communities. And competitive communities. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone – it is what drives us to be better. Bring it.

9. Ownership

When most workers finish for the day, what they’ve done is someone else’s property. Though that might be true for some creative fields, it is still impossible to strip ownership of passion, thought and ideas. As a creative, you can own your work; you can also own your business.

10. Income potential

You have the potential make millions as a creative. Operative word: “potential.”

Why do you love being a creative?


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