25 Creative Greeting Cards

May 8, 2014

Where do you get inspiration for your greeting card designs? From the world around you? From other designers? From handmade card crafters? When we send greeting cards, we know “it’s the thought that counts” – so why invest any time and effort into crafting creative greeting card designs at all? Because we know there’s more to greeting cards than the thought; greeting cards are an expression of sentiment, mood, joy, empathy and the entire range of human emotions. Greeting card designers can be proud when they’ve designed compelling greeting cards that send vivid messages without need for text; or, at least when the design does the “heavy lifting.”

The importance of greeting card design is easy to see: Simply visit any greeting card aisle and you’ll notice the way most people carefully pick through the available greeting cards until they find just the perfect card for the situation and the recipient. Sentiment and mood, yes, but greeting cards also express personality – and understanding of personality. The perfect greeting card design not only fits the situation at hand, but also the personality of the giver and recipient. That’s why we pay so much attention to greeting card design, and that’s why graphic designers toil away to craft meaningful and attractive greeting card designs customers are proud to send and receive. For your inspiration, here are 25 creative greeting card designs.

1.  I Adore You by Lindsay

I adore you Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_11-22-57


2.  Cake Popup Card by Creative Popup Cards

Sparkly Red Lover’s Cake Pop-Up Card Creative Pop Up Cards - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_11-24-10


3.  It’s Your Day by Elizabeth Cooper

It's Your Day - Masculine Birthday Card Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrom_2014-04-03_11-24-51


4.  Heart Craft Card by All About You

21 quick and easy Valentine cards to make Valentine ideas allaboutyou.com _2014-04-03_11-25-30


5.  Glitter Party Greeting Card by AForestFrolic

Party BIG tag Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_11-26-18


6.  Die-cut Birthday Card by Birthday Magz

Make Unique Birthday Cards for Best Friend Unique Birthday Card Photo Ideas1 – B_2014-04-03_11-27-09


7.  Thinking Of You by Lindsay

thinking of you Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_11-27-55


8.  Owl Card by Nancy Williams

Owl Card Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_11-28-50


9.  Birthday Wishes Greeting Card by Saaleha Bamjee

Happy Birthday Naqiyah Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-04-21


10.  You’re The Bomb Pop by Crab Apple Design

greeting cards Archives « Tiny Pink Elephants Your Creative Source for Cards, I_2014-04-03_12-05-52


11.  Greeting Card by Lindsay

thinking of you Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_11-27-55


12.  Newspaper Card by Old Tomfoolery Cards

Honestly Sassy Greetings - Old Tom Foolery Cards Dish Out Hilarious Hard Truths _2014-04-03_12-20-20


13.  Christmas/New Year’s Greeting Card by Jesse Kuhn

Greeting Cards Sweet & Salty Greetings From RTD on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-21-15


14.  With You, Life Is All Caps by Yasmine Zalek

With You, Life Is All In Caps » Design You Trust - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-37-03


15.  Yin and Yang Valentine’s Day Card on Design You Trust

25 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Card Ideas 2014 » Design You Trust - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-39-20


16.  New Year’s 2014 Greeting Card by Tobaimo

Japanese Designer New Years Cards 2014 » Design You Trust - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-41-29


17.  Birthday Card Set by Key Lime Cards

Birthday Card Designs 35 Funny & Cute Examples - Jayce-o-Yesta - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-42-25


18.  Shot Glass Greeting Card by Art Nectar

Cool Design Shot Glass Birthday Card Art Nectar - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-43-01


19.  Save-the-Date Cards on Odd Stuff Magazine

30 Wonderful Unique Design of Invitation Cards - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-44-18


20.  Make Room For Your Life on Design Bolts

30 Simple & Creative Postcard Design Ideas - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-45-51


21.  Hippo, birdy, two ewes by Fluid Ink Letterpress

Birthday Card Designs 35 Funny & Cute Examples - Jayce-o-Yesta - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_12-59-17


22.  Chalkboard Greeting Card on Cool Mom Picks

Cool wrapping paper as nice as the gift inside - Cool Mom Picks - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_13-00-14


23.  Doodlers Anonymous Birthday Card by Muxxi

Blog Over 40 Hand-Drawn Birthday Cards - Doodlers Anonymous - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_13-00-53


24.  Let’s Get Weird by Great Lakes Goods

15 Cards That Keep It Real Best of The National Stationery Show DesignSponge_2014-04-03_13-01-53


25.  Birthday Card by Jennifer McGuire Ink

Lily Pad Cards Blog Hop Jennifer McGuire Ink - Google Chrome_2014-04-03_13-03-08

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