30 Customers You Should Be Marketing To Today


If you’re a freelance graphic designer, web designer or own a design firm, you need to keep your client stable full by continually marketing your services. However, sometimes it can be difficult to decide who to market to. Small businesses, of course, are perfect customers; but which ones? The best marketing campaigns target specific niches. It’s a good idea to develop a marketing campaign that targets these niche customers in your local area, obtain as many customers in each niche as possible, then move on to the next niche. Doing so will allow you to earn a greater response rate through targeting.

One story I like to share from a former business I managed: two of our sales staff came in to my office to report they didn’t know where to go next to seek advertising customers. Somewhat exasperated with their inability (or unwillingness, I’m not sure which) to secure their own leads, I picked up a copy of the yellow pages and dropped it on the desk in front of them. My point was made. Every company listed in the yellow pages has a need to market, and therefore has a need for graphic design services. Some, of course, represent better leads than others. The following 30 customers need graphic design services, and you should be marketing your graphic design services to them today.

  1. Day spas
  2. Hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. Theme parks
  5. Museums
  6. Banks and credit unions/lenders
  7. Car dealers
  8. Niche retailers
  9. Attorneys
  10. Accountants/bookkeepers
  11. Contractors/construction companies
  12. Manufacturers
  13. Schools/colleges
  14. Daycares
  15. Fitness centers/gyms
  16. Travel agencies
  17. Doctors and hospitals
  18. Sporting goods stores
  19. Radio stations and television stations
  20. Newspapers and magazines
  21. Ebook publishers
  22. Blog managers
  23. Mechanics
  24. HVAC services and plumbers
  25. Motivational speakers
  26. Nonprofit organizations
  27. Event organizers
  28. Wedding planners
  29. Financial advisers
  30. Veterinarians

What other customers can you add to this list?

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