30 Flat Icon Sets

Flat is in. There’s no doubt about it, and no style has taken the design world by storm quite like flat design. Whether you’re creating brochures, posters, websites or apps, you probably don’t want to have to continually create custom icons. Fortunately, many talented icon designers are willing to share their flat icon sets for free or minimal cost. Start adding to your stable of design assets with the following 30 flat icon sets, which represent a total of more than 2,000 icons.

1.  Flatilicious by Lukas Jurik

Flatilicious - 48 Free Flat Icons - Icon Sets on Creattica Your source for desi_2013-11-12_11-34-48-Optimized


2.  20 Flat Icons by Rafi

20 Flat Icons (PSD)  GraphicsFuel.com - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-36-56-Optimized


3.  FitFlat Icons by Responsive

The Fitflat Icon Set 10 Free Flat Icons (PSD and PNG) - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-37-45-Optimized


4.  Flat Program Icons by Applove

Free program icons on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-40-45-Optimized


5.  Flatties by UI Parade

Flatties - A super cool collection of royalty free, flat icons. - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-49-07-Optimized


6.  MMII Flat Icons by Stalker018

MMII FLAT icons Vol.1 by stalker018 on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-50-48-Optimized


7.  iOS 7 Flat Icon Set by despoth

iOS 7 style icons of social media FREE PSD on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-51-38-Optimized


8.  Flat SEO Icons by Vladislav Karpov

Free download 12 Flat SEO icons  Webdesigner Depot - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-52-39-Optimized


9.  Flat Stroke Line Icons Set by Pixeden

Flat Stroke Line Icons Set Vol1  Media Icons  Pixeden - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-53-37-Optimized


10.  Flat Social Media Icons by Flat UI Pro

Free Flat Social Media Icons (PNG & PSD) - Designmodo - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_11-54-40-Optimized


11.  180 Free Flat Icons by Elegant Themes

180 FREE Flat Icons on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-00-25-Optimized


12.  Metro UI Icons Set by dAKirby309

Metro UI Icon Set - 725 Icons by dAKirby309 on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-01-26-Optimized


13.  Free Flat Icons by Monkee-Boy.com

Monkee-Boy Blog  Freebie Friday Flat Icons - Monkee-Boy Blog - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-02-27-Optimized


14.  Free Flat Icons by OthMane MacRouh

Dribbble - [FREEBIE] Flat Icons - Part 2 (.psd.sketch) by OthMane Machrouh - Go_2013-11-12_12-03-33-Optimized


15.  Landmarks Icon Set by Shaun Dona

shaundona-Home - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-04-46-Optimized


16.  Linecons by Designmodo

Freebies — Polaris UI Kit   Linecons Icon Set (AI, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG)  Smashin_2013-11-12_12-05-43-Optimized


17.  Free Flat Icons by Flat UI

Flat UI - Free User Interface Kit - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-06-57-Optimized


18.  Free Longshadow Modern Flat Icons by Webdesignerdepot

Free download Modern long shadow icons  Webdesigner Depot - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-07-46-Optimized


19.  Flat Files Icons by Premium Pixels

Free PSD Flat File Icons  Premium Pixels - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-08-43-Optimized


20.  Cosmo Mini Free Icons Set by Icojam

Dribbble - Cosmo mini free by Icojam - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-09-34-Optimized


21.  Free Flat Icons by Alexander Schultz

Dribbble - Free Icon Set 1.0 by Alexander Schultz - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-13-38-Optimized


22.  30 Free Flat Shopping Icons by Revolge

Free download 30 flat shopping icons  Webdesigner Depot - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-14-31-Optimized


23.  Flat Icons Set by Gmarellile

Gmarellile Flat Icons Collections on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-15-32-Optimized


24.  Flat Desktop Icons by Francesco Lucchiari

My Desktop Icons - Free Download on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-16-37-Optimized


25.  Circle Icons Pack by Martz90

Circle Icons Pack by Martz90 on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-17-33-Optimized


26.  Ballicons

Ballicons — original flat icons set - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-18-20-Optimized


27.  Eldorado Mini Flat Icons by IcoJam

Blog, Freebies  Icojam - sweetest free & premium royalty-free stock icons  sto_2013-11-12_12-19-05-Optimized


28.  Meteocons

Meteocons • 40  Weather Icons Free - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-19-58-Optimized


29.  Free Flat Social Media Icons Set by Allan McAvoy

Dribbble - Free Flat Social Media Icon Set by Allan McAvoy - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-20-42-Optimized


30.  Publicons

Publicons — publishing platform logos - Google Chrome_2013-11-12_12-21-36-Optimized

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