30 New Photoshop Tutorials

Each month I scour the web for the latest and greatest free Photoshop tutorials, and legions of altruistic graphic designers never disappoint: I can always find outstanding Photoshop tutorials that teach new techniques and help you master Photoshop so you can improve your design skills. Even though I can expect each month to present a fresh batch of awesome Photoshop tutorials, the generosity of the design community never ceases to amaze me. Without further ado, here are 30 new Photoshop tutorials you should start taking today.

1. Blend multiple images better with the edge technique by Tom Ross on PSD Fan

Blend Multiple Images Better With the Edging Technique  PSDFan - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-26-03-Optimized


2.  How to increase bit depth in Photoshop by PhotoshopDesignTutorials

How to increase bit depth in photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-29-09-Optimized


3.  Create an awesome planet explosion effect in Photoshop by PSD Vault

Create Awesome Planet Explosion Effect in Photoshop  PSD Vault - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-30-53-Optimized


4.  Create an animated GIF in Photoshop by Photoshop Training Channel

Create An Animated GIF In Photoshop Using Cell Phone Videos - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-32-25-Optimized


5.  Create an abstract blur pattern by Spoon Graphics

How To Create an Easy Abstract Blur Pattern Design - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-35-01-Optimized


6.  How to create realistic shadows and lighting by Glyn Dewis

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL How to Create Realistic Shadows & Lighting #29 - Glyn Dewis _2014-01-09_14-36-40-Optimized


7.  How to stylize a black and white portrait by PHLearn

How to Stylize a Black and White Portrait in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-37-54-Optimized


8.  Build a custom Twitter background in Photoshop by Lesa Snider

Build a Custom Twitter Background in Photoshop  PhotoLesa.com - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-39-25-Optimized


9.  Add multiple lens flares in Photoshop by PSD Dude

Add Multiple Sun Lens Flare in Photoshop - Photoshop tutorial  PSDDude - Google_2014-01-09_14-41-18-Optimized


10.  Blur background elements in Photoshop by Ice Flow Studios

Blue Background Elements in Photoshop  IceflowStudios - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-42-56-Optimized


11.  Vintage pencil style in Photoshop by Abduzeedo

Vintage Stencil Style in Photoshop  Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Google Chrom_2014-01-09_14-45-07-Optimized


12.  Photoshop lomo effect tutorial by Photoshop Creative

How to create your own Lomo effect in Photoshop  Photoshop Creative - Google Ch_2014-01-09_14-46-07-Optimized


13.  Create natural looking exposures by Evermotion

Photoshop create natural looking exposures - Evermotion.org - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-47-27-Optimized


14.  Create a mobile weather app interface with Photoshop by PSD Tuts Plus

Create a Mobile Weather App Interface in Photoshop  Psdtuts  - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-50-25-Optimized


15.  Create a breathtaking medieval manipulation by Photoshop Tutorials

How to Create a Breathtaking Medieval Manipulation with Realistic Deteriorated F_2014-01-09_14-51-39-Optimized


16.  Impressionistic multiple-exposure effect tutorial by Planet Photoshop

Impressionistic Multiple-Exposure Effect  Planet Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_14-57-42-Optimized


17.  Create an emotional autumn scene photomanipulation by Photoshop Star

Create an Emotional Autumn Scene Photo Manipulation - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-00-20-Optimized


18.  Create a retro sunburst with Photoshop by Western Kentucky Digital Designs

How to Create a Retro Sunburst in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-01-43-Optimized


19.  Dragon effect in Photoshop by Tricky Photoshop

Dragon Effect in Photoshop - TrickyPhotoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-04-47-Optimized


20.  Create a futuristic typeface in Photoshop tutorial by Advanced Photoshop

How to create a futuristic typeface from scratch in Photoshop, part 1  Official_2014-01-09_15-05-53-Optimized


21.  Shiny foil 3-D text effect by Text Tuts

Shiny Inflated Foil 3D Text Effect  textuts - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-06-58-Optimized


22.  How to cartoonize yourself with Photoshop by Tutorials4View

How to cartoonize yourself with Adobe Photoshop tutorial (2013)  tutorials4view_2014-01-09_15-09-24-Optimized


23.  How to heal and clone non-destructively in Photoshop by SLR Lounge

How to Heal & Clone Non-Destructively in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-11-20-Optimized


24.  Design a flat website mockup with Photoshop by Sitepoint

Design a Flat Website Mockup in Photoshop - SitePoint - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-16-42-Optimized


25.  Soft dreamy effect Photoshop tutorial by Photoshop 123

Soft Dreamy Effect  Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-19-09-Optimized


26.  Rain and water Photoshop effects by PSD Box

★ Rain & Water Effects in Photoshop  PSD Box - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-20-15-Optimized


27.  Use text to shadow itself in Photoshop by Photoshop Essentials

Using Text To Shadow Itself In Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-21-49-Optimized


28.  Photoshop the sun by Tutorial Wiz

Sun - Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-22-57-Optimized


29.  Realistic beer glass Photoshop tutorial by GFX Tab

Make a Realistic Beer Glass with Adobe Photoshop tutorial  GFXTAB - Google Chro_2014-01-09_15-23-45-Optimized


30.  Glamorous backlight Photoshop tutorial by Emily London Portraits

Glamorous Backlight Photoshop Tutorial — Emily London Portraits - Google Chrome_2014-01-09_15-25-08-Optimized

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