30 Sweet Wine Bottle Label Designs

My wife and I recently visited The Winery at Versailles, a winery in west central Ohio that treated us to our first wine-tasting event. Our host featured its signature reds and whites, taught us about the differences between dry wine, sparking wine, and sweet wine, and poured 30 samples over the course of two hours. It was a fun, educational, delicious event, but what struck me most wasn’t the wine itself but the wine bottle label artwork.

Each bottle had its own personalized wine label design, and I remember noting that even though I was supposed to be learning the difference between cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, if I were to pick off the grocer’s wine rack I would definitely judge a wine by its label. The cooler the label, the more likely I am to buy the bottle: a fact that can’t possibly be lost on even the proudest wine-makers. The thought inspired me to scour the web for the following 30 sweet wine bottle label designs.

1.  Vi Novell by Atipus

Search results for wine  Page 4  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_12-50-51


2.  Penfolds 50-year Tawny by Danil Gorskikh

Penfolds 50 Years Old Rare Tawny on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_12-54-48


3.  Evil wine bottle labels on ThinkGeek

Evil Fake Wine Bottle Labels  GeekAlerts - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_12-55-39


4.  Steveston wine concept by Kristian Hay

Steveston Wine Co. Concept — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_12-58-35


5.  Lolea by Estudio Versus

Search results for wine  Page 4  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_12-59-48


6.  It’s the Thought That Counts by No Entry Design

It's the Thought that Counts on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-00-39


7.  The Pairing Collection by Optima Design

PACKAGING  UQAM The pairing Collection  Optima design - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-01-33


8.  Paperboy by Stranger and Stranger

Search results for wine  Page 3  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-04-58


9.  10th DO Monstat Anniversary by Marina Capdevila

10th D.O. MONSTANT anniversary on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-05-56


10.  Meat The Wine by Attilio Masucci



11.  The Guardians by mousegraphics

Search results for wine  Page 2  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-08-25


12.  Bento by Mariano Barbosa

Innovative Bottle for Brazilian Wine on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-09-53


13.  Mollydooker Wines by MASH

Mollydooker Wines — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-11-05


14.  The Buddy Mulled Wine Charade by Buddy

Search results for wine  Page 2  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-11-54


15.  7 Sins Family of Wines by Ewelina Bocian

7 SINS - family of wines on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-12-41


16.  Lucid Spirits by Linea Packaging

Lucid Spirits (France) - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-14-43


17.   Mayrah on Pinterest

Pin by Cool Wine Stuff on Cool Wine Bottle Labels  Pinterest - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-15-35


18.  Black Label on Pinterest

Mirror image wine label.  Cool Wine Bottle Labels  Pinterest - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-16-16


19.  La Poderosa by Kid Gaucho

Search results for wine  Page 2  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-17-28


20.  Woodbridge by Darrian Jones

Woodbridge Wine Packaging Redesign on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-18-07


21.  Between Five Bells by Nicholas Felton

Search results for wine  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-19-48


22.  Blue Hugs by Timur Salikhov

BLUE HUGS tag design on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-32-02


23.  Chandon Summer by Butterfly Cannon

Search results for wine  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-32-59


24.  Pepperjack by The Collective

Search results for wine  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-33-41


25.  HOD Wine by Mate Josipovic

HOD Wine Bottle Design on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-34-23


26.  Girly Man Wine by Justin Smith

Girly Man Wine on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-35-06


27.  STUDIOIN New Year 2014 by STUDIOIN

STUDIOIN New Year 2014  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-35-37


28.  Saviah by Jason Thornton

Saviah Cellars on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-36-34


29.  El Espia by Estudio Arena-Bahamonde

El Espía  Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-37-12


30.  Wetzer Wines by Laszlo Mihaly Naske

WETZER Wines on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-07-14_13-38-02


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