30 Vintage Label Designs We’ll Never See Again

Great label design is a surefire strategy for making your products stand out against a sea of competitors. Graphic designers and marketers have understood the correlation between powerful label printing and sales for decades; however, what constitutes good label design has evolved tremendously over the years. Yesteryear’s designers lived in a different world and so did the customers they set out to attract; moreover, the past was marked by design and printing techniques, not to mention stylistic qualities, that were also different from those employed in contemporary times. Still, many modern designs look to vintage labels for inspiration today. You can draw your own inspiration from the following 30 vintage label designs we’ll never see again.

1.  Silver Tray (1930s)

SILVER TRAY Vintage Lime Rickey Bottle Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-25-15


2.  Teikoko Match (late 19th-early 20th centuries)

Japanese Safety Match labels Inspiration by Karen Horton - designrelated - Goo_2014-07-29_03-28-47


3.  Booty (1930s)

BOOTY Vintage Jacksonville, Florida Citrus Crate Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-29-55


4.  Hoghead (1950s)

HOGHEAD Vintage Apple Wine Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-31-03


5.  Bellingham Bay Brewery (1900s)

Illustrated History of the Bellingham Bay Brewery - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-32-33


6.  Raggedy Ann (1940s-70s)

484raggedyannlabel.jpg (360×144) - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-34-10


7.  Camel (1920s)

One of many Original Cigar Box Labels from the TheLabelMan.com. - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-35-15


8.  Fifty Little Orphans (1890s)

One of many Original Cigar Box Labels from the TheLabelMan.com. - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-36-10


9.  Jell-O (1915)

Jell-O and the Kewpies « the future of the cookbook - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-37-29


10.  Bottled Romance (1930s)

BOTTLED ROMANCE Vintage Sandusky, OH. Wine Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-41-46


11.  Stoney’s Pilsner Beer (1930s)

STONEY�S, Vintage Beer Bottle Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_03-43-42


12.  Belle of Crescent City (1930s)

Vintage Belle of Crescent City brand Florida crate label from TheLabelMan.com - _2014-07-29_05-56-50


13.  Bolton’s (unknown)

OldDesignShop_BenzoAlmondCream.jpg (1266×955) - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_05-58-52


14.  Golden Gate Apricots (1940s)

GOLDEN GATE Vintage Hunt Brothers Apricot Can Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-00-51


15.  Alfred Jones’ Sons (1900s)

ALFRED JONES’ SONS Vintage Bangor Maine Seafood Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-02-21


16.  Arrow Bock Beer (1970s)

ARROW Vintage Maryland Beer Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-37-06


17.  Norman’s (1900s)

labelbulldogs-graphicsfairy007.jpg (1600×1072) - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-39-58


18.  Cray’s Grape Soda (1940s)

CRAY'S Vintage Massachusetts Grape Soda Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-41-43


19.  Big John Wine (1950s)

BIG JOHN Vintage Grape Wine Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-43-00


20.  P.C. Flett American Cream Soda (1930s)

P. C. FLETT Vintage Cream Soda Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-44-49


21.  Fuhrman’s Pharmacy Poison Label (unknown)

OldDesignShop_MuriaticAcidLabel.jpg (1141×681) - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-46-09


22.  Harlequin (1880s)

HARLEQUIN Vintage Tobacco Caddy Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-46-57


23.  Dixie Springs (1920)

DIXIE SPRING Vintage Beverages Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-58-11


24.  Blackhawk Root Beer (1930s)

BLACKHAWK Vintage Illinois Root Beer Bottle Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-58-44


25.  W.C. Wilson Druggist Citrate of Magnesia (unknown)

OldDesignShop_LabelCitrateOfMagnesiaWilson.jpg (1311×969) - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_06-59-51


26.  Circus Florida Citrus Fruits (1930s)

CIRCUS Vintage Sarasota, Florida Citrus Crate Label, tears - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_07-01-06


27.  California Carrots (unknown)

OldDesignShop_UpNAtomCrateLabel.jpg (2064×2640) - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_07-04-06


28.  Pemco Sardines (1940)

Pemco Sardines Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_07-05-57


29.  Aqua Fricot Perfrume (1920s)

AGUA FRICOT Vintage Spanish Perfume Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_07-07-16


30.  Gypsy

GYPSY Vintage Richmond VA Tobacco Caddy Label - Google Chrome_2014-07-29_07-22-38-Optimized


So, would any of these vintage label designs look good in contemporary designs? Why or why not?  What is your favorite vintage label design? Paste a link to it in the comments!

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