5 Great Green Posters

Green is the color most closely associated with St. Patrick’s Day, and with the holiday just around the corner I decided to share a few cool green posters with you. Notice how each example here uses different graphic styles and varying shades of green as integral parts of their respective designs. Let me know which is your favorite – and don’t forget to wear green lest you get pinched!

Woodblock Poster by kerunia

A vintage-style circus poster with cool font and filter effects.

Nerdfighteria Poster by ameba 2k

A humorous and somewhat-futuristic poster that takes advantage of different shades of green to outline and fill a logo and the background pattern.

Green Fairy 3 Poster by curlyhair

By far my favorite poster here, not only because I’m biased towards Absinthe (the “Green Fairy”) but also for the detail and excellent use of various hues of green.

Green Lantern Poster by heartattack

More excellent use of varying greens in a poster that at first glance looks simplistic but upon closer inspection reveals highly detailed design work.

Green Planet Poster

This poster is just cool, and it uses a lot of the color green. It’s also green in that it promotes an eco-friendly message. A green poster with a green agenda!


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