5 Haunting Ghost Photoshop Tutorials

Ever see those photographs that look as though they’ve captured ghostly spectres? Want to manipulate your own photos to do the same? Follow the links for the following five haunting ghost Photoshop tutorials to learn how.

Photoshop ghost tutorial No. 1

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to “ghostify” a photo subject. It kind of has that “white noise” effect to it, as though a ghost were captured on a webcam or digital camera rather than film.

Photoshop ghost tutorial No. 2

This is a video in which David Cross walks you through how you can make a person semi-transparent in a ghostly fashion using just a photo and your Photoshop.

Photoshop ghost tutorial No. 3

Another creepy photo manipulation, this time more eerie than the others and with a bit of lighting that brings out the creepiness in the subject.

Photoshop ghost tutorial No. 4

This tutorial shows you how to create a floating, shadowy ghost out of a few photographs and some fancy Photoshop artwork.

Photoshop ghost tutorial No. 5

Ghostly text can complement any creepy design, and this tutorial covers all the basics.


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