5 Illustrations of Monsters You’ve Never Heard of … but Don’t Want to Meet

Sure, we’ve all heard of Frankenstein, vampires, and werewolves. But what about the man-faced manticore? The truth is, there are all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters out there you probably haven’t heard of … but don’t want to meet. I present five of them to you here, in illustrated format. Keep in mind – all the creatures on this list are real, at least to somebody…

Man-faced manticore

The manticore, according to Wikipedia, has “…the body of a red lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth (like a shark), and a trumpet-like voice. Other aspects of the creature vary from story to story. It may be horned, winged, or both. The tail is that of either a dragon or a scorpion, and it may shoot poisonous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims. It devours its prey whole. It leaves no clothes, bones, or possessions of the prey behind.”

Loveland frogmen

Loveland, Ohio, has heard scattered reports over the past 65 years of “frogmen,” creatures that stand three or four feet high and resemble humanoid frogs.


What is a Tarasque? Wikipedia to the rescue!: “The Tarasque was a sort of dragon with six short legs like a bear’s, an ox-like body covered with a turtle shell, and a scaly tail that ended in a scorpion’s sting. It had a lion’s head.”


You might have heard of the chupacabra, if you’re an avid fan of late-night cryptozoology shows. It is reportedly responsible for killing livestock in Mexico.


You might have heard of this beast in the Biblical context, and I think this is one of the most horrorific renditions of it, whether it’s true to its Biblical description or not.

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