8 Great Designs for Summertime Blues

We’re in the dog days of summer, home of the summertime blues, one of the most nostalgic annual series of days for many of us – especially for those of you, who, like me, live in a climate zone above level three. Eddie Cochran and those who followed in his footsteps might have immortalized the term “summertime blues,” but nothing saddens us more than the bleak outlook of cabin fever; that inevitable bug that sweeps in with winter’s chill.

That’s why, as we near the end of this summer, I felt it pertinent to showcase some incredible designs that capture the nostalgia of good-time summertime in this blog post. I hope some of these will bring back memories for you that will serve as a cure for your own blues.

Hasty Retreat by Norman Rockwell

What better way to kick this post off than with the classic Norman Rockwell painting that has the multi-colored word “SUMMER” featured?

Summer by shtacey

A girl, an umbrella and jungle plants: You don’t have to be Mowgli to appreciate summer fantasies.

Sparklers by Tanaka-Kyo

Who doesn’t remember running around the yard like mad little monkeys with sparklers waving from their fingers?

Summer Delight by a-l-e-s-s-e-a

I wanted artwork that captured the essence of warm summer nights. I think this does so magnificently.

Song of a Purple Summer by Pai-bee-an-jay

Summer lovin’ presented in a whimsical yet nostalgic piece. Feel free to reminisce about the one who got away.

The Start of Summer by monk-art

This seriously reminds me of my kids (and myself) on the way home on the last day of school. There’s not a single thing in the world that can ruin this feeling.

Blue Summer by gorrem

How could I pass up such a great summer pin-up?

Summer by Fluro-knife

This seems like some kind of Mayan or other mid-American-inspired illustration – it just feels hot.


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