Adobe CC: Do We Need So Many Apps?

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Like many of you, I have Adobe Creative Cloud. In my book, it’s a genius business model for Adobe: make all of your apps available for one monthly fee, thereby making your software suite affordable to the masses and generating more profits over time than they ever would when sold as chronological versions. In short, I think Adobe CC is fantastic.

I just have one question:  Do we really need so many applications?

It’s not the functionality I question; I think we absolutely need all the functionality afforded by Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s the number of apps needed to deliver the functionality.  For example, I make heavy use of Photoshop, but Lightroom is new to me.  Though I understand that Lightroom is targeted at professional photographers (which I am not), I have to question why the functionality of Lightroom isn’t merged with Photoshop to create one all-encompassing app.

The same goes for Fireworks and Illustrator.  How about Muse and Dreamweaver?  Premier Pro and After Effects?  InDesign and InCopy?  Encore, SpeedGrade, Prelude and Media Encoder?

At one time, it made sense for Adobe to package certain features targeted to niche audiences separately.  It seems a logical way to increase revenue.  But now that Adobe Creative Cloud grants us access to all of these apps for the same price – which, I reiterate, is an absolutely fantastic deployment model – doesn’t it make more sense to bundle like applications together?

It certainly would make navigating the apps easier, and workflow could be improved by eliminating the need to jump between applications as often.  In my opinion, the entirety of Adobe Creative Cloud could be reorganized into four distinct and full-featured apps:

  1. Adobe Photo and Graphics for Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Fireworks
  2. Adobe Video and Animation  for Premier Pro, After Effects, Encore, SpeedGrade, Prelude and Media Encoder
  3. Adobe Web for Dreamweaver and Muse
  4. Adobe Publish for InDesign and InCopy

Perhaps I’m in the minority and most professionals prefer to work with so many apps.  Maybe most of us simply prefer familiarity.  But for pure ease-of-use and long-term development, as well as Adobe’s new deployment model, I think it makes more sense to simplify Adobe applications without sacrificing key features.

What do you think?  Is Adobe Creative Cloud perfect as-is, or should apps be consolidated?

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