30 Amazing Guitar Designs

Design touches us in nearly everything we see, touch, use – and even hear. Though musical design isn’t visual, it is an artform that strives for creativity within defined rules, always seeking the auditory aesthetic. And when it comes to guitars, in many cases the design of the music only barely eclipses that of the instrument.

Guitarists might covet their ’59 Les Paul or vintage Telecaster, created by large guitar manufacturers Gibson and Fender, respectively; but they can also appreciate the sleek and unique guitar designs crafted by smaller, custom guitar builders. These guitar designers have the freedom to create truly stunning visual works of art that complement the music in a way the big guitar manufacturers do not: with personality and style versus mass production.

April is International Guitar Month, and to celebrate I’ve showcases 30 of the most amazing, unique and unusual guitar designs I’ve ever seen. Rock on!

1.  Gallia by Howard Klepper



2.  El Daga, V8

El Daga, V8  Tune Your Sound - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-24-18


3.  Eastwood Breadwinner



4.  Gittler Deluxe

gittler deluxe model  Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-28-08


5.  Dali Guitars?



6.  Spider Guitar



7.  AK-47 Guitar

Top 20 strange musical instruments - Galleries - Digital - Virgin Media - Google_2013-04-11_09-35-11


8.  Lego Guitar

Real Lego Guitar Rocks The Bricks  GEARFUSE - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-37-35


9.  The Villanizer – Steampunk Guitar

Brass GogglesThe Villanizer – Steampunk Guitar - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-38-16


10.  Spiral Light Guitar

Spiral Electric Guitar - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-39-13


11.  Dragon Guitar

Emerald's new Dragon - Bahamut - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-39-54


12.  Cybertech T-Ron

Cybertech T-RON - Hutchinson Guitar Concepts - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-42-22


13.  Hutchinson Great Red

Great Red - Hutchinson Guitar Concepts - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-42-58


14.  Viking V

Viking V - Hutchinson Guitar Concepts - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-43-41


15.  Molten Diabolic

Molten Diabolic - Hutchinson Guitar Concepts - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-44-14


16.  ODD Atom



17.  Tueffel Birdfish

.....birdfish................................. - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-47-17


18.  Tueffel Tesla

.....tesla................................. - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-47-31


19.  DMG Bonecrusher

DMG - Don Mousseau Guitars - Custom Designed Electric Guitars - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-49-48


20.  Sonic Wind



21.  Ed Roman Crown Knight Guitar

Unique Guitars - Ed Roman Guitars - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_09-53-50


22.  Stephallen NeoSynth

Stephallen Guitars  Neosynth - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_10-00-35


23.  Viktorian El Grace

Composite Guitar  Carbon Fiber Electric Guitars  Buy Electric Guitars Online -_2013-04-11_10-03-20


24.  Baudier Zephyr



25.  Baudier Seafoam



26.  Purple Flame Roadster



27.  J. Backlund Model JBD-400

J. Backlund Design  Model JBD-400 - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_10-08-34


28.  Visionary Guitar

Visionary Instruments - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_10-09-29


29.  Hanson Cigno ST

Hanson Guitars - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_10-10-30


30.  D&H G Model Stainless Steel

D&H Guitars Gallery - Google Chrome_2013-04-11_10-11-46

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