Anti-Valentine’s Day? You’re Not Alone …

It seems that although Valentine’s Day is normally celebrated by happy couples with flowers and candy, there is an ever-increasing group of those who want to express that they have no love for the holiday or for a special someone. Anti-Valentine’s day cards are on the rise with sayings that express breaking up, loving the single life and bitterness toward “happy” couples.

Calling my fellow graphic artists! Here is a great opportunity to catch a niche of people who need a custom greeting card that says what Hallmark won’t. According to, “Industry powerhouse American Greetings Corp. this year added 10 anti-Valentine’s Day cards to the roster of 2,500 cards it produces for the holiday. While it may be just a tiny portion of the company’s holiday effort, ‘that’s huge for a new product in our industry,’ said American Greetings spokeswoman Megan Ferington.”

Ask your single friends (or if you’re single yourself) what they think about Valentine’s Day. What do they wish they could express about the holiday or how they really felt about their ex? Come up with a couple of catchy phrases and create a design that shows the disdain for that lover’s day.

Remember, when creating a Valentine’s Day card there are certain themes that are reflected: Red hearts, cupid and his arrow, silhouettes under the sunset, etc. For anti-Valentine’s day, let’s see how you can put a twist on the conventional designs. Try your hand at a different color pallet or set of images that reflect those who would rather not celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way this year.

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