10 Awesome Brand-Inspired Color Palettes

Great branding has a lasting effect that borders on iconic when you consider the major brands we use every day. Can you think of Band-Aids without conjuring a mental image of the brand’s red and blue packaging? Or how about Coca-Cola’s red or the Ford Motor Company’s blue? A closer look at the histories of each respective major brand will reveal that, while most major brands have not changed their basic colors, they have undergone specific hue evolutions as time transpired. So we know now that Ford’s logo, for example, is not only a product of the company’s original brand colors but also a product of million-dollar research that yielded a powerfully pleasing color palette.

Since major brands have invested so much into their colors, the rest of us can emulate similar color palettes that are just as aesthetically pleasing. Many designers have been inspired by brands to create their own color palettes. The examples shown below aren’t necessarily the exact colors used by the brands themselves, but variations of their color combinations. Each us a user-submitted palette to Colour Lovers. Without further ado, I present 10 awesome brand-inspired color palettes. Use them as inspiration for your own designs.

1.  Pepsi by evad


2.  Ford Emblem by blueocto


3.  Starbucks by traumadoll


4.  Amazon by deiby


5.  Coca-Cola by loveless.butterfly


6.  Facebook by Arelyn530


7.  Google by ieatrulers


8.  BAND-AID by bijoulovesshues


9.  Microsoft Bing by coxy


10.  Nintendo Controller by polloek

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