30 Cool Travel Destination Postcard Designs

Go on vacation and set foot in any gift shop, and you’ll find postcards. Postcards have been designed and printed to attract tourists for decades, if not centuries, and for good reason: any time you send a postcard bragging to friends and family members, you’re also marketing your destination – at your expense. That’s what makes travel destination postcard marketing such a genius move.

Many travel postcards are similar: they feature photographs or illustrations of the destination’s most famous attractions, perhaps within large letters that spell the destination’s name. Still, some postcards are unique enough to be interesting (or their photography is breathtaking), which is why they’ve been included on this list. Official postcards, vintage postcards, contemporary postcards or postcards just for fun, here are 30 cool travel destination postcard designs.

1.  Dublin, Ireland (The Well-Traveled Postcard)

dublin1.jpg (1735×1178) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-41-56-Optimized


2.  Yosemite (Viet Triet Nguyen)

Yosemite Postcards Concepts on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-43-07-Optimized


3.  Nassau (Flickriver)

Bahamas - Nassau Map - a photo on Flickriver - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-46-37-Optimized


4.  Egypt (Flickr)

Sphynx, Egypt - Postcard  Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-47-48-Optimized


5.  Bora Bora (Postcards Exchange)

POSTCARD EXCHANGE FRENCH POLYNESIA - Bora Bora - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-48-40-Optimized


6.  Singapore (BBC)

BBC NEWS  Business  Postcards to boost Singapore travel - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-49-46-Optimized


7.  Chicago (Chuckman Collection)



8.  Southern California (Etech Parts)

Meet me in Southern California  eTech Parts Blog - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-52-02-Optimized


9.  Atlantic City (Vernon Nash)

Uncategorized  Vernon Nash - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-53-18-Optimized


10.  Las Vegas (JG Image Creations)

Las_Vegas_postcard.jpg (800×486) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-56-28-Optimized


11.  Barcelona (The Well-Traveled Postcard)

bcn.jpg (2484×1234) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_13-57-22-Optimized


12.  Dubai (AJ Posts)

Dubai Postcards - Aj posts A Postcrossing Blog - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-06-54-Optimized


13.  Niagara Falls (Craig Davidson)

Craig Davidson's Blog Prenatal classes and an answer to, Hey, do you have anyt_2014-03-03_14-07-47-Optimized


14.  Bangkok (Conventiongoers)

BangkokPostcard-New-front.jpg (1628×1261) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-08-43-Optimized


15.  Iceland (Artful Delight’s)

iceland postcard - Google Search - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-10-07-Optimized


16.  Florida Keys (Resort Guide)

florida keys postcard - Google Search - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-13-20-Optimized


17.  Orlando (Laughing Place)

Mickey Mouse Greetings From Orlando Postcard Enlarged Picture - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-14-29-Optimized


18.  Sydney (ETL Sales Forum)

0909-syd-postcard-front.jpg (984×728) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-15-32-Optimized


19.  London (Artistic Outpost)

Artistic Outpost London Postcard - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-16-35-Optimized


20.  Paris (Wanderlust Café)

Paris-postcard-1909.jpg (585×884) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-17-29-Optimized


21.  Venice (Kathryn Straub)


Digital Imaging - European Postcards on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-18-21-Optimized


22.  New York (Gem’s World Postcards)

Gem's World Postcards Two Cards and Other Things - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-19-32-Optimized


23.  Las Vegas II (In Old Las Vegas)

Google Image Result for httpwww.inoldlasvegas.comcasino_art1958_VEGAS_POSTC_2014-03-03_14-22-49-Optimized


24.  Rome (Art.com/A. del Senno)

Postcard Depicting Christian Martyrs in the Arena in Rome, c.1910 Giclee Print b_2014-03-03_14-23-56-Optimized


25.  Hawaii (CG Treasures)

All in my Cottage My personal blog Vintage Aloha - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-24-54-Optimized


26.  Bulgaria (Flickr)

Bulgaria National Cruisine collage postcard  Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google C_2014-03-03_14-27-24-Optimized


27.  Hollywood (Rash Manly)

hollywood_vintage-postcard.jpg (520×313) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-28-30-Optimized


28.  Graceland (Ebay)

Elvis Presley in His Pink Cadillac Convertible Graceland Memphis TN Postcard  e_2014-03-03_14-29-49-Optimized


29.  Miami (Robyn Webb)

miami-post.jpg (400×256) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-30-40-Optimized


30.  Route 66 (Father Heart Ministry)

route66-postcard.jpg (396×264) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_14-32-38-Optimized


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    I like this type of cool descriptive postcards which define places.Really beautiful destinations these I am a traveler I will be there in future although some places I have seen before.

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