30 Cool Valentine’s Day Fonts

When you think of  Valentine’s Day fonts, you might think of some basic and sloppily rendered script or cheesy cupid wingdings. However, not all Valentine’s Day fonts are script, and of those that are, many are beautifully rendered. Today typography is more important than ever for evoking mood, sentiment and emotion; many Valentine’s Day cards and marketing materials are even based solely on typography alone. If you want to design brilliantly beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting cards and promotions – and wingdings just aren’t your thing – give the following 30 cool Valentine’s Day fonts a try.

1.  Phraell by Mans Greback

Phraell font by Måns Grebäck - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-36-14-Optimized-1


2.  KB Bonjour My Sweet by Khrys Bosland

KBBonjourSweetheart font by KhrysKreations - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-38-12-Optimized


3.  Indenture English Penman Basic by Paulo W.

Indenture English Penman Basic web font  Fontdeck - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-39-58-Optimized


4.  Sugar Pie by Alejandro Paul

Sugar Pie - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-46-32


5.  Matilde by Type Depot

Matilde Free Font « typedepot - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-47-35-Optimized


6.  Alex Brush

Free Font Alex Brush by TypeSETit  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-48-44-Optimized


7.  Biscuits and Gravy by Kea Bertell

Biscuits and Gravy Regular web font  Fontdeck - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-50-26-Optimized


8.  Clipper Script by Mans Greback

Clipper Script font by Måns Grebäck - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-51-33-Optimized


9.  CAC Champagne by American Greetings Corporation

Free Font CAC Champagne by American Greetings Corporation  Font Squirrel - Goog_2014-01-13_08-52-36-Optimized


10.  Amelie on Font Zone

Amelie Font - FontZone.net - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-54-18-Optimized


11.  I Love What You Do by Tattoo Woo

I Love What You Do!!.. Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-55-34-Optimized


12.  Cupcake by Icecremex3

Cupcake font by Sunshowerdroplets - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-57-28-Optimized


13.  Loverboy by Fontographer

Loverboy font - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_08-59-06


14.  Tangerine by Toshi Omagari

Free Font Tangerine by Toshi Omagari  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-00-29-Optimized


15.  Little Lord Fontleroy by Nick’s Fonts

Little Lord Fontleroy font by Nick's Fonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-01-38-Optimized


16.  Charmante by Juraj Chrastina

Charmante Font Family ~ Display Fonts on Creative Market - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-02-46-Optimized


17.  Kinkee by Fontalicious

Kinkee Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-03-50


18.  Darlin’ Pop by Miffin Fonts

Darlin' Pop font by Miffin Fonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-04-42-Optimized


19.  Calligraffiti by Open Window

Free Font Calligraffiti by Open Window  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-05-43-Optimized


20.  Jenna Sue by Jenna Sue Design

Jenna Sue Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-06-50-Optimized


21.  Stainy by Mans Greback

Stainy Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-07-40


22.  Allura by TypeSETIt

Free Font Allura by TypeSETit  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-08-56-Optimized


23.  Heather by De Nada Industries

Heather font by De Nada Industries - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-09-53


24.  Sail by Latinotype

Free Font Sail by Latinotype  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-10-46-Optimized


25.  Killer Elephant by Emil Bertell

Killer Elephant Regular web font  Fontdeck - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-11-44-Optimized


26.  Black Rose by Bright Ideas

Free Font Black Rose by Bright Ideas  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-12-43-Optimized


27.  Take Me Out by Maria Elisa Pardi Designs

TakeMeOut font by Maria Elisa Pardi Designs - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-13-30-Optimized


28.  Only You Sexy by LeType

120491.png (1440×720) - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-15-22-Optimized


29.  Smart and Sexy on DaFont

Smart and Sexy Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-17-22


30.  Lovelo by Renzler Design

Lovelo font  Fontfabric™ - Google Chrome_2014-01-13_09-19-02-Optimized

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