5 Design Tricks to Boost Response Rate


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When it comes to print marketing materials, graphic design is about more than aesthetics. In fact, design is one of the most critical elements of an effective print marketing piece because it commands attention, directs natural flow, highlights important information, clarifies data, creates desire and motivates response. Whether you’re printing brochures, posters, postcards, catalogs or other print marketing materials, the following five design tricks will help boost response rate and return on investment for your print marketing campaigns.

1.  Large images

Large images help create desire by showing products in greater detail. They can also depict products in use, helping customers envision ownership. If you’re printing a poster or postcard, you can use a product image as your entire background. For brochures and catalogs, consider your image to text balance; in most cases, your images should take up more space than your text (with plenty of white space) to give your design a light, clean look that encourages reading.

2.  Bold headlines and subheads

Make headlines big and bold, in an easy-to-read font, and use color to help them stand out. Highlight key benefits in your headlines to make your sales copy easy to read and understand at a glance. Headlines and subheads should be designed to draw readers into the copy; and if they don’t read the body copy, they should still be motivated to take the next step in the purchasing process.

3.  Charts, tables and graphs

Make data easy to digest by using colorful charts, tables, and graphs that compare different products and services, features and benefits, and competitor offerings to help show customers which product is best for their unique situations. This design strategy turns difficult information into simple visual tools that create desire.

4.  Make it a coupon

Turn your design – or a portion of it – into a time-limited coupon, complete with cut dashes, to help convey the message that your offer is indeed special as well as time-limited. Coupons help create a sense of urgency, thereby motivating customers to act fast rather than forget about your message a day later. Coupons let customers know they’ve been presented with a great deal and help increase response rate.

5.  Envelope marketing

If you’re sending a direct mail sales letter or sales package, you should start marketing right on the outside of the envelope. Use teaser text, questions, bold statements, images, and other design strategies to help your envelopes stand out from the junk mail, intrigue customers so they’ll open your sales letter and read it, and ultimately motivate greater response.

What design tricks do you employ to increase response rate?


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