7 Up-and-Coming Designers to Watch

One of the best ways to be a better designer is to continually monitor new design trends and strategies. You should also pay attention to up-and-coming designers; those whose work is cutting edge, revolutionary or otherwise progressive. These are the trendsetters, and by studying their work as a springboard for your own, you too can be a cutting-edge graphic designer. Get started by taking a close look at the portfolios of the following seven up-and-coming designers.

1.  Dan Cassaro

Named a 2011 ADC Young Gun, Cassaro’s New York-based  studio Young Jerks specializes in typography, lettering and logo design.

About — THE STUDIO OF DAN CASSARO - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-34-03

The Studio of Dan Cassaro - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-47-53-Optimized


2.  Tyler Galpin

At 22 years old, Galpin has already designed websites and more for companies such as WooThemes, MetaLab and TopGuest – and he has an entire career left to play with.

About » Galpin Industries - Pixels Straight From Canada - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-38-35

Dribbble - FTW v1 Program Launch by Tyler Galpin - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-45-05


3.  Lisa Hedge

Featured in Print Magazine’s “20 Under 30” in 2012, Hedge’s outstanding illustrations demonstrate her outstanding range.

2012 New Visual Artist Lisa Hedge - Print Magazine - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-41-55

Lisa Hedge - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-43-56-Optimized


4.  Jessica Hiche

Based in San Francisco, Hische is a self-described “letterer, illustrator, and crazy cat lady” who is responsible for some of the coolest typography work I’ve seen in a long time.

Jessica Hische - About - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-49-50-Optimized

Jessica Hische - The Peanut Gallery - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-54-01-Optimized


5.  Dana Tanamachi

Texas-born, Brooklyn-based Tanamachi has worked for Google, Yahoo!, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and other high-profile clients; and was named a 2011 Young Gun.

About  Contact — TANAMACHI STUDIO - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-55-55-Optimized

Print — TANAMACHI STUDIO - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_10-57-35-Optimized


6.  Sara Ebert

Ebert incorporates the simplicity and efficiency she finds in utilitarian objects as well as nature into her design work. My favorite Ebert design is Toobalink, a creativity and building toy that uses paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

Toobalink — Sara Ebert - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_11-02-23-Optimized


7.  Janna Hagan

At 22 years young, Hagan has already produced incredible design work; and if you’re a graphic designer, take a few moments to check out her blog. It is, perhaps, one of the most well-written and relevant (if not undersold) blogs in the design world today. And don’t miss her website, A Student’s Guide to Web Design.

Janna Hagan - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_11-07-41-Optimized

Dribbble - Basketball Website by Janna Hagan - Google Chrome_2013-04-24_11-09-30-Optimized


Do you have a favorite up-and-coming graphic designer? Post a link to their work in the comments!

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