30 Fantastic Fonts for February

In February, the design world’s attention often turns to one of the biggest greeting card sales holidays of the year:  Valentine’s Day.  But greeting cards aren’t the only February designs you’re tasked with.  From posters and flyers and banners to postcards and billboards and websites, graphic design for Valentine’s Day marketing is in high demand.  What’s more, President’s Day and the fact that February is a popular getaway month for couples create even more graphic design job opportunities, from patriotic presentations to seaside resort marketing.  Naturally, as a graphic designer you want to experiment with new, cool and unique fonts to make your designs stand out.  And the following 30 fantastic fonts for February will help you do just that.

1.  February

February Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-02-11


2.  I Love What You Do!

I Love What You Do!!.. font by TattooWoo - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-02-56


3.  Lovers Quarrel

Free Font Lovers Quarrel by TypeSETit  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-03-32


4.  Valentine

Valentine Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-04-05


5.  Precious

Precious font by Bolt Cutter Design - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-04-43


6.  Windsong

Free Font Windsong by Bright Ideas  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-05-18


7.  WM Valentine

WM Valentine Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-05-54


8.  KB Bonjour Sweetheart

KBBonjourSweetheart font by KhrysKreations - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-06-57


9.  Walkway

Free Font Walkway by GemFonts  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-07-38


10.  CLB Valentine

ClbValentine Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-08-13


11.  LT Chickenhawk

LT Chickenhawk font by Nymphont - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-08-48


12.  Pacifico

Free Font Pacifico by Vernon Adams  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-09-29


13.  Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-09-59


14.  Darlin’ Pop

Darlin' Pop font by Miffin Fonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-10-38


15.  CAC Champagne

Free Font CAC Champagne by American Greetings Corporation  Font Squirrel - Goog_2013-01-30_10-11-12


16.  Valentine In Love

Valentine In Love Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-11-42


17.  Lovedrops

Lovedrops font by Honey & Death - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-12-19


18.  Seaside Resort

Free Font SeasideResort by Nick's Fonts  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-12-53


19.  Vanessa’s Valentine

Vanessas Valentine Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-13-22


20.  Love Moi

Love Moi Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-13-55


21.  Patriot

Patriot font by James Fordyce - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-15-10


22.  Riesling

Free Font Riesling by Bright Ideas  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-15-44


23.  LoveNess

LoveNess Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-16-15


24.  Lovepoem

Lovepoem Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-16-58


25.  LCR American Presidents

LCR American Presidents font by LeChefRene - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-17-39


26.  Fontleroy Brown

Free Font FontleroyBrown by Nick's Fonts  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-18-17


27.  Loveleaves

Loveleaves Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-18-58


28.  Snickles

Free Font Snickles by Tup Wanders  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-19-39


29.  Hawaii Lover

Hawaii Lover Font  dafont.com - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-20-17


30.  Aquiline

Free Font Aquiline by Manfred Klein Fonteria  Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2013-01-30_10-20-55

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