Five Awesome Christmas-Themed Business Cards

The holiday season is here, and everywhere you look you’ll see excellent examples of Christmas-themed graphic design, printing, and marketing. Posters, flyers, banners, sales sheets, brochures, and of course catalogs all vie for consumer attention, each promoting its huge deals to persuade us to buy, buy, buy. All this is to be expected.

But you can get a leg up on your competitors this season with the smallest marketing tool of all: business cards. One of the primary functions of a great business card is to embed your name and company in customers’ minds; and one way you can do this is to print Christmas-themed business cards.

Why print Christmas-themed business cards? Because your customers will instantly view you as unique and special. They’ll remember you as the person with the Christmas business card. And they’ll remember your brand. When it’s time to buy – now or any other time of the year – you’ll be the first person to come to mind.

Despite this knowledge, most companies never even consider printing Christmas-themed business cards. And that’s a shame given the insanely low price of business cards coupled with the fact that you can print very low quantities. I suspect the reason is because most companies print several thousand business cards at once and forget about it. But you can be different by printing just a few hundred business cards for Christmas – or a few thousand to use seasonally, year after year. And when you do, customers will recognize you as being different.

And that, my friends, is a very good thing.

For inspiration, check out these five examples of Christmas-themed business cards employed by other business professionals.

Designer Cakes Business Card

Graphic Design Business Card

Cupcake Business Card

Christmas Trees Business Card

Die-Cut Business Card


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