3 Graphic Design Marketing Tips

Marketing your graphic design services is more involved than simply taking out a Yellow Pages ad. Like any small business, you have to brainstorm creative ways to promote yourself within your community if you want to build a solid foundation for future success.

Here are three of my favorite graphic design marketing tips you can use to promote your company and position yourself for long-term business growth.

1. Send postcards to announce specials: Send B2B postcards directly to likely customers announcing graphic design specials. You might, for example, offer a free business card redesign. Any business that takes you up on your offer will have the choice to go with your fresh design or continue using their old cards. You won’t make money directly off of the design but if you handle the printing as a PsPrint reseller, you can still make a few bucks if your customers decide to buy. And, what you sacrifice in initial graphic design fees will be made up for by the opportunity to prove that you can provide a better service for the money – and the long-term payoffs of that are immeasurable.

2. Be active in your community: One of the best ways to grow a local customer base is to be active in your community. Get involved with community efforts for local schools, join the Chamber of Commerce and attend meetings, join business networking groups, be involved in your spiritual community, coach youth athletics, volunteer for food banks and other charitable organizations. Look around and you’ll see that there are literally hundreds of ways to be involved. The community recognition and PR you get will quickly become a valuable marketing tool – make sure you wear a shirt with your company’s logo on it!

3. Write a column: Online or off, write a column about small business graphic design or marketing through design. This helps establish credibility and basically amounts to free advertising. You might not get paid to write the column, but your name and business will be printed for free, so it’s like an ad trade. If you don’t want to write a column, you might alternatively teach design classes at a local school, university or after-school program.

Marketing for success takes time and dedication, but when you root yourself as an important member of your community – and an established expert at that – you’re primed for long-term success. One graphic design marketing technique goes hand-in-hand with the next; they all work together. After you’ve been involved for a year or more, you’ll undoubtedly see your postcard campaign return on investment grow.

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