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If you haven’t yet read Bill Gardner’s “The 2013 Logo Trend Report,” published on Graphic Design USA, do it now. In that piece, Gardner makes astute observations regarding the current state of logo trends as it relates to company branding. I highly recommend you read the entire piece, but here are a few takeaways:

  • Small companies are not afraid to adopt logos that depict them as such. Authenticity trumps presentation.
  • Large companies are seeking to reach more generations via logos and wordmarks that have shorter expiration dates.
  • Designers are intelligent experimenters, working for the good of clients’ brands.
  • Textured skeuomorphism (glass, leather, etc.) isn’t going away, but flat, solid colors are the current trend.

After his summary, Gardner goes on to reveal the top 15 trends in logo design for 2013. He breaks each trend down to identify what is driving the trend and how it is visually represented. For example, one of the top trends is linecraft, which Gardner says may have been influenced by non-scalable line weight icons, Charley Harper, and the 1950s.

My question to you, do you agree with Gardner’s assessments? Do each of the 15 logo types identify unique current trends? Does your design work exhibit similar trends?

I believe Gardner is spot-on, thus, perhaps the more important question is whether logos you design for your clients should follow contemporary trends – or buck them altogether.

What do you think? Will your next logo design be similar to those depicted in the 15 logo design trends Gardner has identified for 2013, or will it be completely different?


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