30 Must-Read Small Business, Design and Marketing Articles

Occasionally I come across blog posts and articles I feel are so valuable, it would be a disserve to not share it with the small business, design, and marketing communities. Here, I’ve shared 30 such posts and articles with you. If you take the time to read them, keep in mind how they pertain to you and how you can take advantage of the information presented in each. Without further ado, here are 30 must-read small business, design, and marketing blog posts and articles.

1.  Email is more effective than Facebook and Twitter

Email beats Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes, survey says  Digital T_2014-01-22_13-33-43-Optimized-1


2.  How a runner’s mentality can motivate business owners

Small Biz Lady Compares Business to Running - The Root - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_13-35-37-Optimized


3.  Small business technology trends for 2014

Small Business Technology Trends for 2014 - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_13-37-17


4.  How to integrate print with marketing automation

How to Integrate Print into Your Customers’ Campaigns with Marketing Automation _2014-01-22_13-38-07-Optimized


5.  Innovation versus marketing

Innovation vs. Marketing Balancing The Two Key Elements Of Business Success - F_2014-01-22_13-39-03-Optimized


6.  Why small business owners are staying away from Obamacare exchanges

Why Small Business Owners Are Staying Away From Obamacare Exchanges - Businesswe_2014-01-22_13-40-07-Optimized


7.  Should we market print as honest marketing?

The Digital Nirvana » Blog Archive » Should We Market Print as “Honest” Marketin_2014-01-22_13-42-16-Optimized


8.  Unlimited does not mean three

OK, people 'Unlimited' does not mean three  ZDNet - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_13-44-26-Optimized


9.  Dictator challenge

Graphic Design and Illustration Dictator challenge - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_13-45-41-Optimized


10.  Five free tools to aid in graphic design

Five free tools to aid in graphic design - TechRepublic - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-05-37-Optimized


11.  Facebook marketing declines, how businesses should react

Facebook Marketing Declines, How Business Should React  Social Media Examiner -_2014-01-22_14-06-36-Optimized


12.  Print’s not dead: Print marketing will thrive in 2014 and beyond

Marketing Strategy - Print's Not Dead Print Marketing Will Thrive in 2014 and B_2014-01-22_14-07-38-Optimized


13.  Marketing ye olde handcrafted charm in a digital age

Marketing ye olde handcrafted charm in a digital age - The Globe and Mail - Goog_2014-01-22_14-08-26-Optimized


14.  Stealth marketing: Microsoft paying Youtubers for Xbox One mentions

Stealth marketing Microsoft paying YouTubers for Xbox One mentions [updated]  _2014-01-22_14-09-29-Optimized


15.  15 small business owners share what they wish they’d known when they first started

Small Business Lessons Learned - Business Insider - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-10-37-Optimized


16.  Graphic designers play with movie titles

Graphic Designers Play with Movie Titles  Design  Galleries  Paste - Googl_2014-01-22_14-11-38-Optimized


17.  Graphic designer launches Kickstarter campaign

Graphic Designer Launches Kickstarter Art Campaign - Salem-News.Com - Google Chr_2014-01-22_14-12-26-Optimized


18.  2013 American Graphic Design Award winners

American Graphic Design Awards 2013 sponsored by iStock by Getty Images - Google_2014-01-22_14-13-39-Optimized-Optimized


19.  Malware threatens small businesses’ data, livelihood

APEX Malware threatens small businesses' data, livelihood  Shop Talk  NewsObs_2014-01-22_14-14-47-Optimized


20.  Is ‘Internet of Things’ marketing’s next big thing?

Is the 'Internet of Things' Marketing's Next Big Thing  Molly Borchers - Googl_2014-01-22_14-15-39-Optimized


21.  New marketing resurrects old brands

New Marketing Resurrects Old Brands - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-16-34-Optimized


22.  The six pieces of the customer experience puzzle

The 6 Pieces of the Customer Experience Puzzle - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-17-34-Optimized


23.  Get inspired with motion graphic design

Get Inspired with Motion Graphic Design  Creative Cloud User - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-18-44-Optimized


24.  David Airey: Is it still important to sketch as a designer?

Is it still important to sketch as a designer  David Airey, graphic designer -_2014-01-22_14-19-32-Optimized


25.  The one-two punch: print and social media marketing

The One-Two Punch Print and Social Media Marketing - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-20-26-Optimized


26.  How to fix a broken client relationship

How to fix a broken client relationship  Graphic Design Blender  Freelance Des_2014-01-22_14-21-13-Optimized


27.  How to charge (what you’re worth)

How to Charge For Your Graphic Design Work (& Get What You Deserve)  GoMediaZin_2014-01-22_14-22-07-Optimized


28.  Hard work, not luck, leads to success

Graphic Designer JD Smith Hard work not luck leads to success (Includes intervi_2014-01-22_14-22-52-Optimized


29.  Corner office secrets for staying innovative

Corner Office Secrets for Staying Innovative  Fox Small Business Center - Googl_2014-01-22_14-23-43-Optimized


30.  10 Youtube alternatives for small business

10 YouTube Alternatives for Small Businesses - Google Chrome_2014-01-22_14-24-56-Optimized

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