Why You Must Update Your Letterhead


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Letterhead can be a formidable branding tool that has more influence on purchasing decisions than many businesses give it credit for. Sales letters and other communications printed on letterhead carry more weight with customers, and help impart the idea that your company is strong and credible. These traits lend themselves to buyer confidence. Still, letterhead is often overlooked when it comes to annual marketing planning; however, if you take the time to consider what impact your letterhead has on your customers, chances are you’ll identify ways you can update your letterhead and motivate greater response rates. The following lists reasons why you must update your letterhead.

1.  Brand consistency

Many companies have revamped their logos in recent years, and if you’ve similarly made a change in your logo – flat design, a different color hue, or modern wordmark – you need to likewise update your letterhead to reflect your brand image. It’s important to keep your brand image consistent across all communication and marketing channels in order for customers to more readily recognize your company.

2.  Mobile opportunities

If your company employs QR codes, augmented reality, mobile apps or other mobile technology to help promote your products and services, you should incorporate it into your letterhead so customers can easily learn more about you or respond to calls to action via their mobile devices.

3.  Social opportunities

Does your letterhead prominently display your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and other social media addresses? If not, you’re missing opportunities to connect with customers via their preferred mediums – those they use every day.

4.  Direct sales opportunities

Aside from sales letters, most marketers don’t think of letterhead as a direct sales tool. But letterhead isn’t just for communication alone. In fact, it can be a powerful sales tool. Consider adding time-limited special offers, coupons and other incentives to your letterhead. You can place these in a sidebar or footer. If you want to change your offer up from time to time, simply design a promotional area and type special offers in when you draft letters.

5.  Gain a competitive edge

Speaking of sidebars and footers, these tools also represent unique opportunities to gain a competitive edge by showcasing the benefits of buying from your company, customer testimonials, product and service lists, and the reasons why you’re different from your competitors.

If your letterhead doesn’t incorporate all of these elements, you’re missing potential sales opportunities. Evaluate your letterhead today to identify ways you can print more powerful letterhead.

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