10 New Photoshop Tutorials

Want to up your game with Photoshop? Try your hand at the following 10 Photoshop tutorials. Master these techniques, and you’ll enhance your skillset and become a more marketable designer.

1.  Mountainous matte painting

Do you need to make a poster featuring Dracula’s castle for marketing a Halloween event? Learn techniques for making a mountainous matte painting in this free Photoshop tutorial, and bring the misty mystique of Transylvania to life!

How to Create a Mountainous Matte Painting in Photoshop  Photoshop Tutorials - _2013-08-30_09-21-13-Optimized


2.  Summery 3-D text effect

Remember those vintage postcards with 3-D text inlays? This PSD Tuts Plus tutorial shows you how to do it!

Create a Summer Inspired 3D Text Effect in Photoshop  Psdtuts  - Google Chrome_2013-08-30_09-23-27-Optimized


3.  Lonely night photomanipulation

Apply the techniques taught in this free Photoshop tutorial to give your subject a moonlit glow.



4.  Eroded gold image

Featuring a design from ancient Azteca? Want to simultaneously add some glimmer and erosion to gold bullion? This tutorial offers detailed, step-by-step instruction.



5.  Photo Tangling Effect

If you’ve ever used the PhotoTangler app, you know it takes distinct images and blends them with artistic texture. Now, you can recreate the same result with Photoshop!



6.  Create a beautiful starfish icon

Another excellent PSD Tuts Plus tutorial. Learn how to create a fun, detailed starfish icon for your website, blog or app.



7.  “Hell of a ride” tutorial

Binary Insight presents this awesome steampunk-ghost car photomanipulation tutorial. Learn how to create one “hell of a ride” with this Photoshop video lesson.



8.  Glowing lines tutorial

If you love movies with mysterious floating, glowing geometric shapes, this is the tutorial for you! Whether you want to design an alien mind control weapon or a 3-D virtual command center, the tips and tricks discussed here will help you pull it off neatly.

Photo Extremist Creative Photography Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, Instructio_2013-08-30_09-40-17-Optimized


9.  Porcelain doll effect

Give your model the light, satiny skin and bright rouge contrast of a porcelain doll with this Photoshop tutorial by IceFlow Studios.



10.  Create latte art with Photoshop

Create an innovative advertisement or simply have a bit of foamy fun with this super-cool (and free) Photoshop tutorial.


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