10 Postcard Design Tutorials

Watching design tutorials lends insight into how other designers think and can introduce new styles, tips, tools, and techniques you can incorporate into your own designs.  Postcards still dominate as the hottest direct-mail marketing tools, and as such the ability to design creative and compelling postcards lends itself to profits for graphic designers.  Brush up on your postcard design skills with the following 10 postcard design tutorials.

1.  Retro Event Postcard Design Tutorial

Promote events with a stylish retro postcard design when you follow the step-by-step outline provided in this tutorial.

How to Make a Retro Style Event Postcard from Scratch - You The Designer - Googl_2013-02-13_12-48-21


2.  Festive Holiday Postcard Design Tutorial

Use the design techniques explained in this tutorial to create a holiday-themed postcard to market your products and services, thank your clients, or just to send to family and friends.

Photoshop Tutorial Festive Postcard ready to print!  Photoshop  Graphic Desig_2013-02-13_12-50-38


3.  Self-Promotional Postcard Design Tutorial

Increase your customer base and brand your name with the design tips provided in this tutorial, which covers how to design self-promotional postcards.

Design self-promotional postcards - Tutorials - Page 4 - Digital Arts - Google C_2013-02-13_12-52-29


4.  Postcard Newsletters Tutorial

Ideabook shows you how to apply good design and layout practices to a postcard newsletter, which serves as a cost-effective way to send newsletters to customers.

Ideabook.com Tutorials  Postcard newsletters - Google Chrome_2013-02-13_12-53-49


5.  Vintage Postcard Design Tutorial

This video tutorial shows you how to apply a vintage effect to your postcard designs using Photoshop.

How to Create a Vintage Postcard in Photoshop  Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chr_2013-02-13_12-55-18


6.  3D Postcard Design Tutorial

Create an explosive 3-D logo effect on your postcards with the tips and tricks divulged in this video tutorial by Photoshop Roadmap.

Video Photoshop tutorial - 3D Postcard Design - Google Chrome_2013-02-13_12-56-48


7.  Vintage Type Postcard Design Tutorial

This postcard, featuring image-inside-text, looks like it was designed decades ago, but you can recreate it easily in Photoshop with this tutorial.

How to Create a Vintage Type Postcard  Vectortuts  - Google Chrome_2013-02-13_12-58-09


8.  Video Postcard Design Tutorial

This video mostly covers basic postcard design tips, but it also incorporates detailed design features you’ll want to incorporate into your own projects.

Photoshop  Illustrator Tutorial – Postcard design - Google Chrome_2013-02-13_12-59-52


9.  Spring Postcard Design Tutorial

Learn how to make a clean, bright, colorful postcard for spring marketing in this fast and easy-to-follow tutorial.

Spring Post Card Design Tutorial  Design Tips - Google Chrome_2013-02-13_13-01-21


10.  Photoshop and InDesign Postcard Design Tutorial

In this video tutorial, Nicki  Hart shows you how to harness the individual strengths of Photoshop and InDesign to create compelling postcard designs.

Design a 4×6 postcard » Digital Hart Studios - Your source for all things design_2013-02-13_13-03-21

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