30 Powerful Charity Website Designs

Graphic design is a major influencer for charitable organizations who strive to deploy websites that achieve a challenging goal: stir human emotion, and motivate involvement in the form of activism or donations. In many ways, charity marketing on the web is very similar to business marketing on the web; however, charities are faced with the more difficult task of motivating “purchases” without a tangible product as a return benefit. Humans might be naturally good-hearted, but it’s still more difficult to sell “doing one’s part” or “making a difference” than it is to sell a PS3.  That’s why charities invest big bucks into website design, development and copy; so their online presence works to funnel visitors toward contributing to the cause. And the better the design, the better the response.  See what I mean with the following 30 powerful charity website designs, each taken from the Forbes Top 200 Charities list.

For each example, take note of how they use graphic design to:

  1. Stir emotion
  2. Educate and establish trust
  3. Collect contact information, such as email addresses, for future marketing
  4. Motivate involvement via activism or monetary contributions

1.  YMCA

the Y - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_13-59-32


2.  United Way

United Way - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-00-52


3.  Goodwill

Goodwill Industries International, Inc. - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-01-33


4.  The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Home - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-02-05


5.  American Red Cross

American Red Cross  Disaster Relief, CPR Certification, Donate Blood - Google C_2012-12-19_14-02-49


6.  Catholic Charities USA

Home  Catholic Charities USA - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-03-44


7.  Easter Seals

Helping people with disabilities gain greater independence - Easter Seals - Goog_2012-12-19_14-04-28


8.  The Nature Conservancy

Nature Conservancy  Protecting Nature, Preserving Life - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-06-04


9.  American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society  Information and Resources for Cancer Breast, Colon, L_2012-12-19_14-07-27


10.  Feed The Children

Feed The Children  FeedTheChildren.org - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-08-20


11.  Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Clubs of America - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-09-18


12.  Special Olympics

Special Olympics Home Page - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-10-15


13.  Compassion

Sponsor a Child - Compassion International - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-10-51


14.  Big Brothers Big Sisters

Start Something for a child today - Big Brothers Big Sisters - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-11-50


15.  Children’s Miracle Network

Hospitals Helping Local Kids  Children's Miracle Network Hospitals - Google Chr_2012-12-19_14-14-07


16.  Save The Children

Official Site - Save the Children - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-14-51


17.  Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor  Helping the Poor, Charitable Giving, International Relief  _2012-12-19_14-17-39


18.  Child Fund

Sponsor a Child - ChildFund International - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-18-18


19.  Young Life

Young Life Home - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-19-17


20.  Rotary International

Rotary.org - Rotary International - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-20-00


21.  Girls Inc.

Welcome  Girls Inc. - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-20-40


22.  Toys for Tots

Home Page - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-21-37


23.  Ducks Unlimited

Wetlands, Conservation, Waterfowl, Duck Hunting - World Leader in Wetlands Conse_2012-12-19_14-22-15


24.  Wildlife Conservation Society

WCS.org - Wildlife Conservation Society - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-22-55


25.  Project HOPE

Project HOPE - Homepage - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-25-26


26.  March of Dimes

Pregnancy, Baby, Prematurity, Birth Defects  March of Dimes - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-26-02


27.  Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Int'l - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-29-22


28.  WWF

WWF - Endangered Species Conservation  World Wildlife Fund - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-30-04


29.  Make A Wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation  National Home Page - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-30-45


30.  Mercy Corps.

Be the Change  Mercy Corps - Google Chrome_2012-12-19_14-31-27

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  1. Clyde Sdale January 10, 2013 at 10:49 am #

    You seem to have forgotten us. http://www.DoubleDDiner.org

  2. Brian Morris January 11, 2013 at 5:18 am #

    Hi Clyde, thank you for posting! You definitely operate a commendable charity. For those that don’t know, DoubleDDiner lets you order “food” from a hilarious menu – the stuff you “won’t eat,” and then donates your payment to help fight hunger. Neat idea!

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