10 Responsive Web Design Tutorials

Responsive design represents one of the greatest benchmarks in modern design.  Responsive design allows designers and developers to deploy websites that work on all devices, using a single design and a single code.  By learning how to create responsive web designs, you’re able to save your clients money by saving time, and then use that extra time to take on more clients and increase your own revenue.  Thus, responsive design results in user-friendly, well-branded websites that reduce client investment while increasing your profits.  Learn how to create responsive designs or brush up on your current skills with the following 10 responsive web design tutorials.

1.  Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design

If you’re just getting started with responsive web design, it’s best to get the basics down pat.  This overview by Treehouse Blog is perfect for getting your feet wet with responsive design.

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design - Treehouse Blog - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-35-33


2.  FitText

Not a true tutorial, but a plugin you can employ to dynamically resize large headline text in your responsive designs.  Complete instructions on how to use FitText serve as a tutorial.

FitText - A plugin for inflating web type - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-37-27


3.  Make Any Website Responsive

Designing a responsive website from scratch is one thing, but it can be much more challenging to convert an existing website into a responsive website.  This tutorial shows you how to do it.

How to Turn Any Site Into a Responsive Site  Vandelay Design Blog - Google Chro_2013-01-14_10-39-22


4.  Responsive Images: Content-Aware Image Resizing

Learn how to make images dynamically resize dependent on your device and screen size with this tutorial.

Responsive Images Experimenting with Context-Aware Image Sizing  Filament Grou_2013-01-14_10-40-49


5.  Responsive Design:  A Visual Guide

If you learn better from visuals rather than text, this is the tutorial for you!

Responsive Web Design A Visual Guide  Nettuts  - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-41-47


6.  How To Convert A Menu to a Dropdown

Navigation bar menus don’t play nice with small screens, but when you employ the techniques detailed in this tutorial you can have your navigation bar menu transform into a dropdown menu for smaller devices such as smartphones.

Convert a Menu to a Dropdown for Small Screens  CSS-Tricks - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-42-53


7.  How Fluid Grids Work in Responsive Design

Grids are important design elements in contemporary graphic design; this tutorial shows you how to make them fluid so they automatically adjust to any device.

How Fluid Grids Work in Responsive Web Design - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-44-21


8.  Responsive Design in Three Steps

If you’re looking for a crash course in responsive web design, this tutorial is it!  Quickly make a responsive website with the tips and tricks outlined in this tutorial.

Responsive Design in 3 Steps - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-45-37


9.  Creative a Responsive Web Design

This comprehensive tutorial includes (just about) everything you could possibly need to know about designing a compelling responsive website.  It’s a Lynda tutorial, so you either have to be a paid member or sign up for a trial membership to see it.

Creating a Responsive Web Design  lynda.com Tutorial - Google Chrome_2013-01-14_10-46-41


10.  Build a Responsive Site in One Week

This excellent multi-part tutorial shows you how to create a responsive website, step-by-step, in one week’s time.

Build a responsive site in a week designing responsively (part 1)  Tutorial  _2013-01-14_10-48-18


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