10 Spring Graphic Design Tutorials

Want to add some spring spice to your designs? Give your graphics a fresh makeover this spring with the following 10 graphic design tutorials, each featuring a spring-related theme. Enjoy!

1.  Digitally paint a lovely pair of birds

The song of chirping birds is a sure sign of spring, and you can bring beautiful birds to live with this Photoshop digital painting tutorial.

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop  Photoshop Tutorials - Google _2013-04-18_06-20-31-Optimized


2.  Create a flowerpot from scratch in Photoshop

Budding flowers are another sure sign of spring. This PSD Tuts + tutorial shows you how to digitally draw and color a flower and flowerpot from scratch using Photoshop.

Create a Flowerpot in Photoshop  Psdtuts  - Google Chrome_2013-04-18_06-25-55-Optimized


3.  Spring fantasy photo manipulation

Few scenes could be as serene as stepping outside a mountain cabin to listen to the trickle of a nearby river on a crisp spring morning. This detailed tutorial shows you how to set the scene in Photoshop.

Serene Fantasy Photo Manipulation  Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2013-04-18_06-27-52-Optimized


4.  Surreal rose splash

If you appreciate stopping to smell the roses, you’ll love this Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to bring a bouquet of roses to live – with a splash!

Photoshop Roses bouquet splash effect for image - Google Chrome_2013-04-18_06-30-13-Optimized


5.  Beautiful butterfly scenery

Flittering butterflies are likewise symbols of spring, and you can design your own beautiful butterfly scenery with the techniques detailed in this tutorial.

How to Make a Beautiful Spring Butterfly Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial - Pxleyes._2013-04-18_06-31-57-Optimized


6.  Spring scene digital painting tutorial

DeviantArt user Norke walks you through the process of creating a spring-themed digital painting in this step-by-step tutorial.

How To Make A Digital Painting by `Norke on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-04-18_06-33-32-Optimized


7.  Realistic rainbow effect tutorial

April showers bring May flowers – and rainbows! Learn how to add an realistic rainbow to any outdoor scene in this graphic design tutorial.

Add A Realistic Rainbow To A Photo With Photoshop - Google Chrome_2013-04-18_06-35-08-Optimized


8.  Glowing bird Photoshop tutorial

Ring in spring with this fantastic glowing bird Photoshop tutorial, and add some pizzazz to your digital artwork.

Night Light Photoshop Tutorial (Exclusive Tutorial)  Photo Editing - Google Chr_2013-04-18_06-36-41-Optimized


9.  Little Red Riding Hood vector

This Vector Tuts + tutorial details how to use Illustrator to draw Little Red Riding Hood using only simple shapes. A great tutorial for beginners and advanced illustrators alike!

How to Draw Little Red Riding Hood with Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator  Vect_2013-04-18_06-38-15-Optimized


10.  Fairy tale beanstalk tutorial

Fee, fi, fo, fum, this Photoshop tutorial is awesome! Seriously, you can learn some professional Photoshop techniques from this tutorial that will help you craft amazing designs.

Fairy night. Beanstalk - Google Chrome_2013-04-18_06-39-47-Optimized

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