3 Ways to Make Stationery Paper Pop

Every designer has had to come up with creative ways to represent companies and brands with stationery paper design; at least, you certainly don’t want to design every client’s stationery paper with a single color line at the top that separates a left-column logo and right-column address box from the main stationery content.

How drab and unoriginal. Boorish, even.

Instead of settling on the tired mainstays, try these three ways to make your stationery paper designs pop:

1. Horizontal design: Instead of designing stationery paper as a portrait, design it to be written and typed in a horizontal landscape layout. This goes way above and beyond placing a vertical sidebar with your logo and contact information, a common practice among designers trying to give their customers a fresh design. What I’m talking about will force your customers and prospects to see your company as being different from the competition with something truly original they won’t soon forget.

If you go with a horizontal layout, resist the urge to place a header across the top. Instead, put it either at the bottom or down one side; otherwise the paper might look far shorter than it needs to.

2. Add a watermark: Watermarks make everything look more prestigious, and of course they’re incredibly easy to place in your designs. Your logo and/or slogan faded behind your stationery text will be noticed, especially if it is large. If you want to be different (and you should), don’t settle for grayscale – a color watermark has much more pop. Just make sure it’s transparent enough to easily read text over it.

3. Foil stamp!: Don’t overlook foil stamping as an amazing way to tell customers and prospects that your company is simply amazing. Foil stamps are exciting, delightfully sparkling, and lend trust. Combine a foil stamp with a premium 24-pound Synergy bond paper and your stationery paper exudes cool, collected confidence.

What are your favorite stationery paper design tricks?

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