Lasso The Moon: 7 Stellar Moon Designs

The moon has been a source of wonder and mystery for eons, the basis for myths and legends, the home of gods and goddesses, the divine driving source behind inspiration and the appropriately monikered lunatics who howl at the full glowing orb.

No wonder, then, that the moon has also been the subject of many graphic designs. For this post, I wanted to illuminate the different ways the moon is rendered by talented artists across different genres and styles. I must admit this is one of the most difficult posts I’ve done for sheer volume of work from which to select, but I think I’ve done the heavens justice with these seven stellar moon designs.

The Moon by Sedeptra

And you thought that face in the moon was a man’s …

Under the Last Moon by Neodecay

I love surrealism, and this is probably one of the finest examples of the moon presented in that style.

The Moon II by sa-cool

We’ve sent men to the moon, but has anyone ever peered in to the moon?

Moon by neunoeil

A beautifully colored moonlight landscape.

When the Full Moon Falls by WyldRaven

How many horror stories have been inspired by the light of the moon, illuminating the shadows just enough to stir the imagination?

Lavendar Moon by twosilverstars

I couldn’t leave fantasy out of a post about moon designs. I wonder whether if this is Artemis, Diana or some other lunar deity.

Blood Moon by ironshod

Another creepy moon manifestation.