10 Ultra-Cool Graduation Invitation Cards

Graduation is a special event that should be properly commemorated. Whether your graduate is embarking on new adventures after high school or entering the professional world after college, you want to make every effort to demonstrate how important their achievements are to you, your family and friends.

One great way to do this is by designing and printing custom graduation invitation cards. A unique, custom invitation card says your graduate is so special they only deserve the best. It speaks to their individualism, and recognizes their achievements. For your inspiration, here are 10 ultra-cool graduation invitation cards.

1.  Graduation invitations by Whitney Stephenson

Creative typography is an excellent strategy for unique invitation card design, as demonstrated by this graduation card.

Graduation Invitations on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-05-01-OptimizedGraduation Invitations on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-05-13-Optimized


2.  Graduation announcement by Jacob Gilbreath

This graduation announcement employs clean design trends, bright colors and typographic styles to make it stand out.

Graduation Announcement  OSU 2011 on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-06-46-Optimized


3.  Graduation card by Brieanna Hattey

Without a doubt, one of the coolest and most uniquely individualized graduation invitation cards I’ve ever seen.

Chelsey Graduation Card 2011 on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-08-40-OptimizedChelsey Graduation Card 2011 on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-09-02-OptimizedChelsey Graduation Card 2011 on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-09-13-Optimized


4.  Graduation invitation by Stephanie Bullock

The designer said she was unimpressed with her school’s standard graduation invitations, so she made her own. I love the way she incorporated graphics into this clean, modern design.

Graduation Invitation on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-11-18-OptimizedGraduation Invitation on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-11-23-OptimizedGraduation Invitation on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-11-27-Optimized


5.  Graduation invite by Nicole Maccarone

Cool, fun typography and an original envelope design make this graduation invitation package unique.

Graduation Invite on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-12-14-Optimized


6.  Graduation invitation set by Anna Salazar

Another unique grad invitation set, this time featuring symbolism, typography and a cool envelope seal sticker.

Graduation Invitation Set on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-25-29-Optimized


7.  Graduation postcard invite by Joanna Macin Moore

This cool fold-out postcard features unique typography and a gridded layout, perfect for a graduation invitation.

Graduation Invite on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-27-02-Optimized


8.  Graduation invitation by Kate Kimble

This graduation invitation card features a minimalist design, a large image and excellent typography.

Graduation Invitations on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-28-59-OptimizedGraduation Invitations on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-29-04-Optimized


9.  Graduation invites by Kelsey Parrish

An inviting layout and playful copy make for an attractive graduation invitation card in this design example.



10.  Graduation announcement (designer unknown)

I like graduation invitations that showcase the graduate through photography, and this design is a perfect example.

announce.jpg (401×559) - Google Chrome_2013-05-02_09-32-25-Optimized

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