30 Unique Microbrew Beer Label Designs You’ve Never Seen

Microbreweries are finally beginning to receive the respect and attention they deserve, especially from flavor-starved Americans who have tired of the same ol’ domestic mainstays.  Many supermarkets now carry dozens of microbrew offerings, and some even offer mix ‘n match packs so you can take home a variety of brews to try.  One of the coolest things about microbrews is their creative labels; unbound by national brand restrictions and free to experiment with different flavors, names and themes, microbreweries routinely release some of the most unique designs in all the packaging world.  Just check out the following 30 unique microbrew beer label designs you’ve (probably) never seen.

1.  Old Numbskull by AleSmith Brewing Company

Old Numbskull « AleSmith - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_15-59-17


2.  Lord of Darkness by Full Sail Brewery

Lord-of-Darkness-Tap.png (210×240) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-02-20


3.  Ad Astra Ale by FreeState Beer

Ad Astra Ale  Free State Brewing Company - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-04-28


4.  Uncle Billy’s Bottle Rocket Lager

Uncle Billy's Brewery - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-05-44


5.  Brooklyn Summer Ale

Brooklyn Summer Ale  Brooklyn Brewery - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-08-46


6.  Jubilale by Deschutes Brewery

jubilale1.jpg (583×517) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-10-46


7.  Ambergeddon by Ale Asylum

Ale Asylum Ambergeddon.jpg (496×301) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-12-06


8.  Golden Sprocket Ale by Moab Brewery

The Moab Brewery Golden Sprocket Wit merchandise - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-15-27


9.  Dead Horse Amber Ale by Moab Brewery

The Moab Brewery Dead Horse Ale retail - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-16-09


10.  Triple Bag Ale by Long Trail Brewing Co.

Triple Bag - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-17-47


11.  Hellhound On My Ale by Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Robert Johnson%27s Hellhound on My Ale.png (892×898) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-30-36


12.  Shift Pale Lager by New Belgium Brewing

Shiftcircle.jpg (1500×1500) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_16-33-03


13.  Old Curmudgeon Ale by Founders Brewing

Curmudgeon Old Ale  Our Beers  Founders Brewing Co. - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_21-47-13


14.  Maduro Brown Ale by Cigar City Brewing

Maduro Brown Ale from Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, Florida - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_21-50-38


15.  Stone IPA by Stone Brewing Co.

IPA_label_small.jpg (954×1200) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_21-53-44


16.  Blind Pig IPA by Russian River Brewing

Blind Pig.jpg (422×330) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_21-55-05


17.  Furious by Surly Brewing Co.

surly_furious-500x500.jpg (500×500) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-02-38


18.  Yeti by Great Divide Brewing

Great Divide  Great Minds Drink Alike » Yeti Imperial Stout - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-03-51


19.  Hibernation Ale by Great Divide Brewing

Great Divide  Great Minds Drink Alike » Hibernation Ale - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-04-27


20.  Adam by Hair of the Dog Brewing

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company - Guide to our Beers - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-05-21


21.  Hoptimum Imperial IPA by Sierra Nevada

sierra-nevada-hoptimum.jpg (500×490) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-08-54


22.  Lake Erie Monster by Great Lakes Brewing Co.

0.jpg (480×360) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-09-24


23.  Hope  Venom by Boneyard Beer

Boneyard-Hop-Venom.png (800×1200) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-11-09


24.  Hoppin’ Frog Double Imperial Stout

DORIS-LabelFront-LowRes.jpeg (1119×1219) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-13-34


25.  Union Jack by Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company - Union Jack - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-14-23


26.  Friendship Brew by Greenflash Brewery

Friendship-Brew-22-oz-Label_Rev3.png (338×383) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-16-13


27.  White Rascal by Avery Brewing Co.

6224543118_95d3b59e04.jpg (500×357) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-17-56


28.  Krampus by Southern Tier Brewing Company

krampussouthern.jpg (475×309) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-18-56


29.  Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits

Sculpin IPA - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-20-11


30.  Mischief by The Bruery

The-Bruery-Mischief-Gone-Wild.png (420×362) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-22-05

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8 Responses to 30 Unique Microbrew Beer Label Designs You’ve Never Seen

  1. Sonia Mansfield February 13, 2013 at 2:37 pm #

    I want to drink all of these.

  2. Brian Morris February 14, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

    Ha ha, most definitely!

  3. JonnyBeers February 17, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    Never seen? Most of these are pretty easy to find.

  4. Brian Morris February 18, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    Hey Jonny, thanks for your comment. It must depend where you live; in my neck of the woods, I’ve only ever seen a couple of these brands, let alone specific beer labels. Thanks for posting!

  5. Sonia Mansfield February 18, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    I’m a beer person, and I live in San Francisco. There are quite a few on the list that are new to me.

  6. Jennifer Moline February 18, 2013 at 2:14 pm #

    I’ve heard of most of those breweries but have only actually seen 10 of those particular beers. I went to a bar yesterday where most of the people were drinking Shock Top, so I think it’s important to point out these craft beers as much as possible. Hellhound on My Ale is my favorite — label- and beer-wise!

  7. Brian Morris February 21, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    Hellhound on My Ale has an awesome label, I’ll try it if I ever find it. I love the White Rascal label, too. Coincidentally, Yeti showed up at my local supermarket the other day, so I took a four-pack home. All I can say is WOW – robust doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  8. Sonia Mansfield February 22, 2013 at 11:55 am #

    I’m a big fan of stouts and porters, so if I see Yeti at the store I will definitely pick it up.

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