How To Go Green With Your Graphic Design Business

Green graphic design can help you make... well, a lot of green.

Green graphic design can help you make... well, a lot of green.

There are two types of green businesses in this world: those that promote green products and those that actually practice green strategies. As a graphic designer, you can be both. The decision to go green is a quite simple one, really — not only can you help save the environment, you can save money and earn more business from eco-friendly clients.

By now you’ve certainly heard that you can save money and energy by switching to fluorescent or LED light bulbs. This is an excellent first step for graphic designers who, by virtue of crafting a visual art, need plenty of light.

In fact, going green with all of your electronics is a good idea. There are energy-efficient in-office refrigerators to new computers that pack all the power designers need but use a fraction of the energy (think Macbook). Energy Star is a good starting point.

Green office supplies such as cleaning solutions and paper present perfect eco-friendly opportunities. Green office supply retailers such as The Green Office aren’t hard to find. Don’t forget to recycle!

Do you handle printing for your clients? Print with soy inks on recycled paper and order electronic proofs.

Want to clean your office air? Get office plants that remove more than just carbon dioxide. Chinese evergreen, bamboo, snake plant and spider plant remove harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Take a look at Clean Air Gardening for more details.

If you’re truly serious about going green with your graphic design business, Re-Nourish offers excellent resources such as a Sustainability Toolkit, which lists eco-friendly products geared toward graphic designers and includes a directory of green design firms. Contact the site’s administrators to see if you can get listed and if you can include highlights from recent green projects you’ve undertaken for clients. What a wonderful marketing tool!

What green graphic design resources do you use? Let’s list them all!