10 Awesome Summer Package Designs

Some of the best marketing inspiration comes from product packaging; after all, packaging is strategically designed to sell products on the spot while conveying a brand image.  My favorite place for package design inspiration is thedieline.com, which focuses solely on package design.  The designs you’ll find there can help spark your own creativity not only for packaging and labels, but also postcards, brochures, posters and more.  I’ve hand-picked the following package designs to share with you, each with a summery twist for the hot season.

Summer Sippers by Jung Paek

Sure beats the generic “set of two wine glasses” packaging you normally see!

Student Spotlight Summer Sippers - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website _2012-07-02_11-10-53


Coca-Cola Summer 2010 by Turner Duckworth

A Coke bottle is formed in the negative space framed by sandal silhouettes.  This won first place in thedieline.com’s design awards.

The Dieline Awards 2011 First Place - Coca-Cola Summer 2010 - The Dieline - The_2012-07-02_11-12-59


Kleenex Slice of Summer 2010 by Jennifer Brock with illustrations by Hiroko Sanders

These fruity Kleenex boxes fit together to look like a slice of half the fruit.

2010 First Place - Kleenex Slice of Summer - The Dieline Awards - 2010 Winners G_2012-07-02_11-16-16


Camp Nectar by ageisobar

Fruit juice from a box made from … real fruit!  Check out the video to see how it was done.

Camp Nectar - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google Chrome_2012-07-02_11-20-14



Marvel Sunscreen by Paul Capili

Sunscreen colors according to Marvel Comic character colors and SPF.

Super Skin - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google Chrome_2012-07-02_11-30-24

Super Skin - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google Chrome_2012-07-02_11-30-39


Miller Boom Box by Managens/JTW Istanbul

Each compartment contains a six-pack, and the boom box definitely reminds me of summer in the 1980’s!

Miller Boom Box - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google Chrome_2012-07-02_11-32-09


Stride Tropical Trance by Davis

The hypnotic effect of the tropics – from the undulating waves and palms to whatever the natives spike their blow gun arrows with – is captured in this bum package design.

Stride Tropical Trance - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google_2012-07-02_11-35-04


Mr. Chill Frozen Yogurt by THE.OF.BY.

A foxy, attention-getting design sets this summer treat apart from the competition!

Mr. Chill Frozen Yogurt - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google_2012-07-02_11-37-54


Fruits and Passion:  Coconut by lg2boutique

What scent is more indicative of summer than coconut?  This packaging takes a minimalist approach to brand marketing.

Fruits & Passion - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google Chrome_2012-07-02_11-40-23


Garden Glory Hoses by Markup Advertising

I love when a company invents a brand image for an every day product, especially when it achieves lucrative results.  This one proves that even a garden hose can be innovative and profitable.

Garden Glory Hoses - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - - Google Chro_2012-07-02_11-42-50

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