10 Super Smart Museum Logos

Museums are run by some of the world’s smartest people, right?  Then why is it that so many museum logos are, for lack of a better word, stupid?  Case in point:  the Louvre, which is the world’s most-visited museum, has a logo that looks like this:

Louvre Museum Official Website - Google Chrome_2012-09-13_11-55-23

It appears to be basic typeface with a cloudy or smoky background.  Wholly uninspiring and disappointing, especially coming from a museum that contains some of the world’s grandest works of art.  The museum should launch a design contest to choose its next logo; I guarantee they would get entries worthy of representing the Louvre brand.

If museums are curated and promoted by super smart people, they should have super smart logos – just like the following 10 examples I’ve culled from the web.

1.  The Boston Museum

This project to build a history museum and marketplace in Boston has a contemporary logo with a distinctive and memorable design element.

Boston Museum - Home Page - Google Chrome_2012-09-13_12-02-24


2.  The Toy Museum of New York

The Toy Museum’s logo is fun and energetic.  In short, it looks like a toy.

Google Image Result for httpmadamuseo.files.wordpress.com201009toy_museum__2012-09-13_12-30-20


3.  Florida Museum of Natural History

An attention-getting alligator is featured on the Florida Museum of Natural History’s logo.  Think it gets kids excited?  You betcha.

floridamuseum.jpg (351×369) - Google Chrome_2012-09-13_12-32-36


4.  Oakland Museum of California

The Oakland Museum of California logo draws attention to its abbreviated name:  OMCA.

Google Image Result for httpwww.thecitrusreport.comwp-contentuploads20100_2012-09-13_12-36-27


5.  Portland Art Museum

The word “art” is created by filling in letters in the word “Portland.”

Google Image Result for httpwww.pdxcityclub.orgsystemfilesnodeimagesPortl_2012-09-13_12-40-07


6.  The Textile Museum

“T” and “M” interwoven in a pattern that matches the museum theme.

Google Image Result for httpsplicedesigngroup.com_imagesidentityTextileMus_2012-09-13_12-42-20


7.  American Jazz Museum

A silhouette of a jazz player and a grungy attitude make this logo stand out and true to the museum’s image.

Google Image Result for httpwww.guidestar.orgViewEdoc.aspx%3FeDocId%3D105625_2012-09-13_12-48-16


8.  The Fusilier Museum

Relatively lame text looks cool when it basks in the impact of the exclamation point, which resembles the hats worn by fusiliers.

Google Image Result for httpwww.buryfocus.co.ukuploadsf8newsimg2009127_1_2012-09-13_12-56-26


9.  Mechanical Art and Design Museum

Art, design, and mechanical instruments are used to to create the museum’s acronym, MAD.

mad_logo_450.jpg (450×271) - Google Chrome_2012-09-13_13-02-48


10.  The Studebaker National Museum

The iconic brand’s logo is also the centerpiece for its museum logo.

Studebaker Ball logo.jpg (1017×480) - Google Chrome_2012-09-13_13-09-01


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