30 Greeting Cards I Wish I Had Sent

Greeting cards offer the most personal touch when you’re sending well-wishes, invitations and even marketing pitches.  That being said, I find most greeting cards exceedingly lame.  It’s not that they’re not appreciated; it’s that they’re all so much alike.  Unique greeting cards demonstrate that you took the time to send the perfect sentiment to your recipient, and that can go a long way toward building relationships.  I wish all greeting cards had as much gusto as the following 30 examples, each of which I wish I had sent to my friends, family and clients.

1.  Comic Sans greeting card by Paperkeet

Comic Sans Greeting Card by Paperkeet on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-30-33


2.  You Married Me by NobleWorks

You Married Me Funny Last Kiss Anniversary Card - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-31-55


3.  Your Mama Did Not Raise a Fool (Your Dad had a hand in it, too) by Snafu Designs

BD172 - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-32-54


4. Trick or Treat by SimplyCBoutique

Halloween Card 'Trick or Treat' Handmade by SimplyCBoutique - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-34-12


5.  Growing older is like riding a bicycle (off a cliff!) by Snafu Designs

BD174 - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-34-59


6.  Plight of the Pilgrims by unusualcards

Plight of the Pilgrims large print by unusualcards on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-35-54


7.  Corporate Christmas Card by HoHum Cards

Corporate Christmas Cards  Ho Hum Cards - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-36-53


8.  Three French Hens by ShesSOCreative

Three French Hens Holiday Cards set of 6 by by ShesSOCreative - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-37-48

9.  Drink This Until I’m Hot by NobleWorks

Drink This Until Hot Funny Valentines Day Card - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-38-50


10.  Newspaper Birthday Card by Paper Source

sku 402765 - alternative view - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-40-20


11.  Plunder Card by monkeyminion

Plunder All Occasions Geeky Greeting Card by monkeyminion on Etsy - Google Chrom_2012-09-06_12-41-08


12.  I Love You by Remanents

Love Greeting Card - I love you - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-42-28


13.  The Coolest Pop by HeartsGrowFonder

Birthday Card for Dad Coolest Pop by HeartsGrowFonder on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-42-56


14.  Cupid Pinup by KatyDidsCards

Pinup Girl w Bow and Arrow Archery Greeting Card by KatyDidsCards - Google Chrom_2012-09-06_12-43-52


15.  Good Show by Hello! Lucky

Congratulations Greeting Cards Good Show From HelloLucky.com - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-44-41


16.  I’d Eat You Last by awkwardmoment

I'd Eat You Last zombie handstamped greeting card by awkwardmoment - Google Chro_2012-09-06_12-45-33


17.  X-Files Romance by ableandgame

Romantic Greeting Card Mulder and Scully by ableandgame on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-46-58


18.  Southern Humor by Brave Mabel

Southern Humor Funny Greeting Card Bless Your Heart by bravemable - Google Chrom_2012-09-06_12-47-57


19.  Too old to die young by Urban Prey

Happy Birthday Card Greeting Card Too Old to Die by UrbanPrey - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-48-46


20.  Miss Your Face by Stranger Days

Missing you Card I Really Miss your face Greeting by StrangerDays - Google Chrom_2012-09-06_12-49-50


21.  Homeland Security by blue22

Homeland Security Greeting Card by blue22 on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-51-07


22.  Mother In Law by Michele Littlefield

If Its Not One Thing Its Your Mother Funny by MicheleLittlefield - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-52-13


23.  True Gentleman by SamOssie

True Gentleman Dad Card 'Dad You Are A True Gentleman' by SamOssie - Google Chro_2012-09-06_12-53-34


24.  Punch The Day by hairbrainedschemes

Every Day Roll Out of Bed and Punch that Day by hairbrainedschemes - Google Chro_2012-09-06_12-54-30


25.  Armadillo Blowing Bubbles by deubelzebub

Armadillo Blowing Bubbles Greeting Card by deubellzebub on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-55-30


26.  Steampunk Queen by anoriginalbyingrid

Steampunk Elizabethan Queen Digital Collage by anoriginalbyingrid - Google Chrom_2012-09-06_12-57-02


27.  You Have to Kiss a Lot of Toads by awkwardmoment

Funny handstamped greeting card for single girls by awkwardmoment - Google Chrom_2012-09-06_12-58-06


28.  Bloody Brilliant! by angusmcpanda

Greeting Card Bloody Brilliant by angusmcpanda on Etsy - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_12-58-59


29.  My Beaker Bubbles by Nicole Martinez

Nerdy Dirty - Illustrations for Nerds in Love on the Behance Network - Google Ch_2012-09-06_13-03-25


30.  Santa Arrested by Johan Smeyers

Christmas cards on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-09-06_13-05-29

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