30 New and Fresh Color Palettes for Graphic Design

If you’re looking for some sweet new color palettes to inject a fresh new look into your graphic designs, one of the best free tools I recommend is the Colour Lovers’ Trends section.  There you’ll find thousands of contemporary color palettes taken from the latest and greatest graphic designs, including magazines, websites, logos, events and other sources of inspiration.  Here I’ve listed 30 such palettes for your own inspiration; be sure to check out Colour Lovers for new and fresh color palettes that are specific to your current design project.

Another way to take advantage of Colour Lovers?  Submit your own creative color palettes from your graphic designs, your logo, and your website to help increase exposure for your company and your creativity.  Other designers could feature your work on their blogs, and potential clients might like what they see and hire you!

1.  House Beautiful March 2012

Trend  House Beautiful March 2012  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-16-00


2.  Pear Bathroom

Trend  Pear Bathroom  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-16-58


3.  Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Trend  Jimmy's Iced Coffee  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-17-44


4.  Delicious Logo

Trend  Delicious Logo  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-18-26


5.  Cupcake Confession

Trend  Cupcake Confession  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-19-04


6.  Eye-78

Trend  eye - 78  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-19-40


7.  The Coasters

Trend  The Coasters  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-20-17


8.  Pandora

Trend  Pandora  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-20-50


9.  Kickstarter

Trend  KICKSTARTER  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-21-25


10.  Welcome To Siberia

Trend  Welcome to Siberia  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-21-58


11.  Coffee Night

Trend  Coffee Night  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-22-36


12.  Vinyl Feeds

Trend  Vinyl Feed  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-23-13


13.  “Alice In Wonderland” – Floating

Trend  'Alice in Wonderland' Floating  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-23-45


14.  “Pushing Daisies”

Trend  'Pushing Daisies'  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-24-22


15.  Carol Rivello

Trend  Carol Rivello  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-24-57


16.  Guerra Creativa

Trend  Guerra Creativa  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-25-44


17.  Lion Bird

Trend  Lion Bird  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-26-20


18.  Handbrella

Trend  Handbrella  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-26-57


19.  Urban Pink

Trend  Urban Pink  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-27-32


20.  The Tree of Ghent

Trend  The Tree of Ghent  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-28-06


21.  Butter Dairy Cooperative

Trend  Burnett Dairy Cooperative  Buy quality Wisconsin cheese and other dairy_2012-10-03_10-28-45


22.  Ana Bagayan

Trend  Ana Bagayan  Fine Art & Illustration  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-29-20


23.  Moxie Design Studios

Trend  Moxie Design Studios  Couture Blog Designers  Professional Blog Design_2012-10-03_10-29-52


24.  Elitist Snob

Trend  Elitist Snob Mac snobbery and such  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-30-30


25.  Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images

Trend  Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-31-04


26.  HopeLarson.com

Trend  hopelarson.com  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-31-40


27.  Pronet Advertising

Trend  Pronet Advertising — Personal experiences in successful social media mar_2012-10-03_10-32-19


28.  Notcot

Trend  NOTCOT  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-32-57


29.  CSS Beauty

Trend  CSS Beauty  CSS Design, News, Jobs, Community, Web Standards  COLOURl_2012-10-03_10-33-29


30.  Pop Africana

Trend  Pop Africana  Year1 Issue1  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-10-03_10-35-34


Do you have a creative color palette to share?  Paste the link to it in the comments below so we can see!

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  1. N November 15, 2012 at 5:41 am #

    These are great!

  2. Brian Morris November 15, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    Glad you like them, N! If you use any in your designs, please share a link with us here.


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