5 Cool Ways To Say ’I Love You’

Want a new, cool way to say “I love you” to that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Try one of these five ideas.

1. Custom Valentine’s Day card

Why settle for store-bought Valentine’s Day cards when you can create your very own? Use your own photos and your graphic design skills to create the best Valentine’s Day card your significant other has ever received.

2. The Book Of Us

Fire up your favorite layout program and create your own booklet about you and your significant other. You can recount how you first met, where you went on your first date, some of your favorite things to do together, your most memorable moments, and other highlights of your relationship. An extra bonus? Your story can also be given to your children and grandchildren.

3. Personalized magnets

Take one of your favorite photos of you and your significant other and turn it into a magnet. You might want to add some creative copy such as, “I’m stuck on you!” for a bit of fun flair. Every time he or she goes to the refrigerator or filing cabinet, they’ll be reminded of your love.

4. ‘The Year In Us’

Take photos of some of your memorable moments from last year and put them together in a custom calendar to give to your significant other. On the last month, make sure you mention how much you’re looking forward to spending another year with them.


Create a CD of your significant others’ favorite songs, or splice together homemade videos of your relationship to give to them on Valentine’s Day. Create a custom CD/DVD cover or sleeve to go along with your loving gift.

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