5 Hot Postcard Marketing Ideas for 2012

Want to get more customers and profits out of your postcard marketing in 2012? Try these five hot postcard marketing ideas.


It’s often difficult to resist the urge to pack as much information and as many benefits as you can into a postcard design. Doing so has the effect of carnival barkers: impossible to go unnoticed, easy to ignore. Instead, try the opposite by intriguing customers with simplicity. A good example would be a postcard with an intriguing question or statement with a URL customers should visit. You could even make it incredibly generic, such as using an IP address in place of a text-based URL: “Go to if you want to be happy.”


Remember MTV’s “Unplugged” series? It was where they would bring in popular music acts and have them play an acoustic set. Despite all the technological advancements, the show was wildly popular. Try taking this approach with your postcard marketing. Set up an “unplugged” sales event at a local venue, and market it with postcards. No websites, computers, cell phones, etc., allowed.

Mini sales sheet

You could design your postcard to look like a miniature sales sheet focused on a single product or service. True, many postcard designs are similar to this already; so be different by crafting a unique design or special offer.

Dare or bet your customers

Lay down a dare or a bet to get your customers to come to you. You might set up a game and bet them they can’t win (if they do they get a discount) – you could, for example, challenge them to come in for a game of checkers. Or, dare customers to paint your company name on their windows and drive around town, film it, and bring in the video for a discount. Market your fun promotion with postcards.

Postcard freebies

Ever notice how more and more online-based companies give away free trials? If you’re in a business that’s able to do this but have a hard time competing in the online marketplace, take it to postcards. You’ll enjoy almost zero competition and will be able to grow your company almost overnight.



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