7 Hilarious Help Wanted Signs

As a graphic designer, you can always get a chuckle out of misspellings, misprints, unintended innuendos and double-meanings.  Help wanted signs are some of the best sources of entertaining mistakes and faux pas, so let’s take a break from the work day to laugh at the following seven hilarious help wanted signs.

1.  We Miss Dave

Sure, Dave was a great guy.  But hey, those burgers aren’t going cook themselves!

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2.  Store Closing

Better hope it’s open at least long enough to get your first paycheck!

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3.  Litearally Speaking

I wonder if spelling skills are a prerequisite.

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4.  As In, Right Now

Every second, someone, somewhere in the world, gets hired.

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5.  The Power of Grayskull

I wonder if Skeletor has considered suing on grounds of discrimination?

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6.  Real Punny

Some puns are clever.  Others make you groan.

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7.  Which One Should I Apply For?

I seriously wonder how many people apply for Job No. 2?

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