7 Best Marketing Videos Online Right Now

Marketing gurus tell us that comprehensive campaigns that span multiple channels generate the best return on investment.  It makes sense:  When customers are exposed to direct mail, posters, banners, billboards, television, radio and online advertising for a targeted campaign in a short period of time, their desire for your products or services will build up to “buy now” status.  Videos continue to be some of the most shared and popular marketing tools today (send a postcard or sales letter asking customers to go online to see your video, or include a QR code on flyers and posters that links directly to a mobile version).  Let’s take a look at seven of the best marketing videos online right now.

1.  Pepsi:  Now In a Moment

A great branded spot about living in the moment.  With Pepsi, of course.



2.  Invisible Mercedes

To promote its low emissions Mercedes made a car invisible and drove it around Germany.



3.  TNT Drama

A push of a button spins a public square in a whirlwind of drama to promote the television network’s niche genre.



4.  Nike:  Make It Count

Nike hired Casey Neistat to make a video commercial, and he used to the money to travel the world in 10 days – all the while making a video that completely matched Nike’s chosen theme.



5.  Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice

I love this spot because it’s short, sweet and to the point.  It’s a little slapstick, but it’s hard to forget that Ocean Spray sells blueberry juice after watching it.

Ocean Spray


6.  Skittles Walrus

This absolutely ridiculous premise is hilarious because the walrus is a non-issue.



7.  Crave Quiznos

Part of a series of videos, this one featuring a guy’s reaction after his dog eats part of his sub.