5 Cool Photoshop Tricks You Don’t Know

Photoshop Tutorial (Advanced) Changing Seasons - YouTube - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_09-35-01

Think you know Photoshop?  Think again!  Here are five sweet Photoshop tricks many designers don’t take advantage of, or even know about.  Try them out on your own designs, and share the link with us below.

1.  Remove Braces with Photoshop

Anyone whose junior high yearbook photo is surrounded by inked-in compliments such as “brace face” and “metal mouth” will appreciate your ability to remove braces from photos.  You can sell your services to photographers who shoot junior yearbooks and others who have temporary dental work they would rather not appear in permanent photographs.

Remove braces with Photoshop


2.  Photoshop Tricks Used By Magazines

Ever wondered how much Photoshop editing goes into magazine cover model photos, and how you can duplicate their techniques to make your own clients look like supermodels?  This tutorial walks you through some of the hottest tricks of the trade.

Magazine Photoshop tricks


3.  Isolating an Object

OK, so everyone knows how to remove an object from a background with Photoshop, right?  But if you’re still using the Magic Wand tool to accomplish this feat, you know how frustrating (and darn near impossible) it is to separate complicated foregrounds and backgrounds.  This tutorial shows you how to use advanced channel masking techniques to make object isolation easier and more precise.

Photoshop Object Isolation


4.  Change Seasons

Take the perfect nature shot, but in the wrong season for your project?  No problem, you can play Mother Nature and turn summer into winter (or vise versa) with the tips and tricks detailed in this super-cool Photoshop tutorial.

Change Seasons with Photoshop


5.  Remove Lens Artifacts

If your perfect photo was ruined by lens artifacts, you can use these awesome Photoshop techniques to remove distortion, abberration and vignetting.

Remove Lens Artifacts


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